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will be sufficiently dry to receive the primer or a 2nd coat within 40-50 minutes. The product will suppress moisture vapour up to 92%rh with a single coat and 2 coats for above 92% and up to 97%rh. Being a single component product there is no mixing required and therefore no waste as the product can be re-sealed and used when required within its 12 month shelf life.

Primer: Eco Prim T

ammonia and protein free. After continued testing and research Mapei now boast their EC1 accredited Latexplan Trade; a high compressive strength, self levelling product, that can receive foot traffic in 90 minutes and floor coverings in 12 hours. It is ideal for use below surface damp proof membranes and has a low odour ensuring it is suitable for use in confined and inhabited areas, where working and/or occupation must be maintained. Latexplan Trade can level or smooth differences in thickness of 1-10mm, and can be bulked out to 20mm with granite chippings to receive all types of floor coverings. Latexplan Trade is suitable for heated substrates.

Self-levelling & smoothing compound: Ultraplan Eco

Latexplan Application Eco Prim T

Where priming is required, Mapei produce a universal primer Eco Prim T for use with absorbent and non- absorbent surfaces. Eco Prim T can be diluted with water for use over highly absorbent sub floors such as screeds and anhydrites. Eco Prim T is a multi- purpose primer which acts as a bonding aid to improve adhesion of levelling compounds. It can be used for preparation of surfaces in all cementitious substrates, gypsum, anhydrite, wood, plywood and all absorbent substrates.

Self-levelling & smoothing compound: Latexplan Trade Mapei were amongst the first manufacturers to produce latex based levelling compounds that were

receive all types of floor coverings where maximum resistance to loads and traffic is required. Ultraplan Eco can be hand or pump applied and is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Self-levelling & smoothing compound: Ultraplan Renovation Screed To cover eventualities such as timber and plywood substrates, Ultraplan Renovation Screed, the fibre enhanced, EC1, universal levelling compound is ideal and can be applied over virtually all new and existing floors from 3-30mm per application. The flexibility of the product is attained through the carefully researched formula and in particular its fibre content. This results in Ultraplan Renovation Screed being suitable for applying over a variety of substrates including existing and new concrete, floorboards, chip- board panels, plywood and timber. Ultraplan Renovation Screed is suitable for both domestic and commercial use, providing excellent resistance to loads. It is also compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Mapei also offers a number of water mixed levelling compounds Ultraplan Eco is an ultra low emission EC1, fast drying and curing, truly self-levelling and smoothing compound. When mixed with the specified amount of water Ultraplan Eco becomes a highly fluid and easily workable mortar which is ideal for smoothing differences in thickness of 1- 10 mm per coat. Ultraplan Eco can be used internally, creating a high adhesion to new or existing solid substrates. It is designed to

Adhesive: Ultrabond Eco Range Finally to secure the wide variety of floor coverings available, Mapei’s comprehensive range of Ultrabond Eco adhesives are individually designed to specialise in successfully bonding all types of carpet, linoleum, PVC, vinyl, rubber and cork to varying sub floors. The Ultrabond Eco adhesives range is solvent- free, low VOC and all the products carry the GEV- Emicode EC 1 logo to provide a totally sustainable solution. Each Ultrabond Eco adhesive offers a high quality performance, as anticipated with all Mapei products.

Mapei also produce solvent- free and EC1 accredited wood adhesives to adhere all types of wooden blocks, parquet and planks. Ultrabond P990 1K is a single component elastic polyurethane adhesive for all types of tongue and groove flooring. Ultrabond S9451K and Ultrabond S9551K are single component sililated polymer based adhesives for all types of wood flooring for domestic and commercial installations.

Ultrabond Eco S955 1k 19

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