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A passenger was taken into custody on his arrival from Dallas due to concerns about his behaviour on an American Airlines flight.

18 MARCH: MANILA Geronimo A. Solinap, 47, managed to get past screeners at Ninoy Aquino Airport, but was stopped airside, whilst armed with a knife and carrying drugs.

19 MARCH: CLEVELAND Richard Buxman, 60, was arrested when a loaded 9mm handgun, two loaded clips and a folding knife were found in his carry-on baggage at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

21 MARCH: BROOME, AUSTRALIA Peter John Trisden Spalding, 56, was arrested for allegedly assaulting and racially abusing an airport security employee.

21 MARCH: CHOWCHILLA, CALIFORNIA Lonnie Blackburn was arrested after police officers saw a Cessna 172 flying erratically as it came in to land at Chowchilla Airport and, accordingly, drove to the aircraft to investigate, only to find Blackburn outside of the aircraft painting over the fuselage identification numbers with white spray paint. It was then determined that the aircraft had been stolen from Paradise Airport earlier in the day.


Glenn Stephen Hansen, 49, was arrested in connection with 23 incidents in which aircraft were targeted by a laser beam; the first incident was on 8 January, the last on 23 March. Hansen allegedly admitted to pointing a laser at aircraft as a form of stress release due to the anxiety that aircraft noise caused him; he had made more than 500 complaints about noise from Orlando airport.

25 MARCH: LONDON British police arrested a 25-year-old Pakistani passenger on board a Pakistan International Airlines when it landed at Heathrow. The passenger who had just arrived from Lahore was questioned on board the aircraft after the other passengers disembarked.

25 MARCH: CALIFORNIA Tim Donnelly, the US assemblyman (lawmaker) who had been charged with the illegal possession of a loaded firearm and possession of a banned item in a secure area, was placed on probation and fined $2,215. On 4th January, he was stopped at Ontario airport, whilst en route to Sacramento, as he was carrying a loaded Colt Mark IV .45 and an ammunition magazine with five rounds.

27 MARCH: HOVE, UK David Hartwell, a 26-year-old restaurant manager at London Gatwick Airport, appeared in court facing charges of sexually assaulting five teenage female colleagues at work between September 2009 and August 2010.


Reynel C. Alcaide, 34, was sentenced to 10 months in prison, a three year term of supervised release, and ordered to pay restitution of $7,013 for his behaviour on a Continental Airlines flight en route from Houston to Chicago on 8 May 2011.

29 MARCH: PHILADELPHIA Joseph Picklo, 28, was arrested after screeners found flash powder and fireworks in his carry-on bag.

22 MARCH: MALTA Amanda Edwards, a British woman who lives on the Maltese island of Gozo, was found guilty of assaulting Victoria Mifsud Tommasi, a Ryanair ground handling agent, who had told her that her bag was too large to be taken on board as hand luggage at Malta International Airport on 23 December 2011. She was given a conditional discharge.

22 MARCH: SACRAMENTO Harold Waller, 45, was arrested after he tried to bring four loaded guns through a security checkpoint at Sacramento Airport.


Rangoon Mingaladon Airport was put on a high security alert, following the receipt of a bomb threat against Myanmar Airways at the Burmese embassy in Bangkok.

8 FEBRUARY: GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA A Virgin Australia flight preparing to depart Gold Coast Airport for Sydney was evacuated following a bomb scare initiated by a passenger.

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Davis, a 22-year- old British Airways flight attendant, was arrested on the arrival of his BA flight from Tokyo for allegedly having written ‘The bomb on board will explode at 16.00 GMT unless our

demands are met' on a toilet door during the flight.

17 FEBRUARY: BLACKBURN, UK Paul Jackson, 40, allegedly made hoax calls to the police indicating that a van was on its way to London Stansted with explosives. He was arrested the same day.


An anonymous caller claimed that a bomb would go off at Green Bay Austin Straubel Airport at 1900hrs.

1 MARCH: DENVER A United Airlines flight preparing to depart for San Francisco was the subject of a telephone bomb threat.

12 MARCH: BUFFALO A JetBlue flight en route from Boston to Chicago diverted to Buffalo as a result of a telephone bomb threat citing the flight and implicating a passenger on board. The caller was later arrested and it is believed that a domestic dispute was behind the incident.

15 MARCH: ABUJA Nnamidi Azikiwe International Airport was closed to vehicles for over three hours following a security alert that Boko Haram planned to attack the airport.

16 MARCH: TORONTO An Air Canada flight preparing to depart for Winnipeg was delayed after Kalidh Mohamed Siddique, 24, allegedly called in a threat in order to frighten a former girlfriend who was on board.

16 MARCH: DALLAS Cabin crew on a Skywest flight, en route from Los Angeles to Dallas/Fort Worth, found a note written on the mirror in the toilets indicating that there was a bomb on board.

1 APRIL: KATHMANDU, NEPAL All flights were delayed after a bomb threat was telephoned in, from Malaysia, indicating that a Nepal Airlines flight was to be targeted.

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