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>>> between him and Rajib Karim, the BA employee jailed for 30 years last March for plotting to bomb an aircraft. An inspection of Khan’s computer revealed speeches by Osama Bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, as well as

clips of martyrdom operations and explosions interspersed with an image of a BA Executive Club card. The email correspondence was encrypted but contained references to a man called 'shzd' being groomed to place a bomb on a plane; Khan's phone number was saved on Karim's phone under the same four-letter code. Khan had been arrested but was released without charge due to a lack of direct evidence, prompting him to launch legal action, claiming that he had been unfairly dismissed for religious reasons.


Rochadi Iman Santoso, the head of immigration at Soekarno- Hatta International

Airport, was detained on suspicion of signing falsified documents indicating that a Singaporean national had arrived on a Tiger Airways flight when, in fact, he had not. The Singaporean, Toh Ke Ng Siong, had to be in the country to sign legal papers but had never made the trip.

27 FEBRUARY: WINNIPEG A 27-year-old was held under the provincial Mental Health Act when police found him at the airport in a vehicle containing hazardous, and potentially lethal, chemicals. He was at the airport to meet a European woman, arriving from Vancouver, who he had met online and had agreed to commit suicide with. The woman was stopped in Vancouver due to her behaviour and admitted her intent to the police who, in turn, notified their counterparts in Winnipeg to intercept the man.

28 FEBRUARY: CANADA Lt.-Col. Gilles Fortin, a senior officer in the Canadian Forces, was fined $1,500 for accidentally firing a live round of ammunition inside Kabul International Airport on 1st September. Fortin was dismantling the 9mm firearm, but had failed to note that there was a round in the firing chamber. The bullet hit the floor and nobody was injured.


28 FEBRUARY: PALM BEACH A passenger, intending to travel on Delta Airlines to New York, was arrested after trying to carry four rounds of ammunition, a Taser, M-80 fireworks and a four-inch martial arts knife in his carry-on baggage.

6 MARCH: DELHI Reports emerge that an intoxicated man was found wandering in the restricted zone at Delhi Airport having gained entry using a security pass issued to a member of catering staff.

29 FEBRUARY: EDINBURGH Johnny Rennie, a 32-year-old disabled man, was jailed for 14 months for having made a call to the emergency services, in October 2011, claiming that a bomb was hidden in an airport toilet.

29 FEBRUARY: LONDONDERRY, NORTHERN IRELAND John Patrick Johnston from Carnhill and Paul Daniel McIntyre were fined £750 each for being drunk and abusive on board a Ryanair flight from London to City of Derry on 16 August 2011.

29 FEBRUARY: LAS VEGAS Miki Victoria Sudo, 26, pleaded guilty to making a bomb threat against a US Airways flight on 11 September 2011.


Kenneth Richard Mazik, 24, is alleged to have driven his Jeep Cherokee through a construction fence at Philadelphia International Airport and

onto the runways whilst intoxicated. Flights were delayed as Mazik drove up the length of one runway before crossing over onto a parallel runway and driving back with police cars chasing him.

1 MARCH: NEW YORK Gabrielle Olsen, 26, was arrested after screeners found a dagger in her bag. However Olsen had already cleared the checkpoint by the time the weapon was identified, so Terminal 5 at JFK had to be shut down for almost two hours whilst the terminal was re- searched and Olsen identified.

5 MARCH: LAGOS A man broke a door at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, ran onto the tarmac and then started shouting that he wanted to go to Europe. He was arrested.

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7 MARCH: XIAMEN Four women were arrested at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport when screeners found aircraft life jackets in their baggage. The women admitted that they had taken them from their China Eastern flight to Xiamen on 3 March, which had been their first ever flight. They were sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention.


Eric Joseph Schofield, 41, was sentenced to two days in jail and fined $450 for his unruly behaviour on an Air Canada Jazz flight from Winnipeg to Saskatoon on 3 January. He had been travelling with his nephew, Remi Schofield, 19, who had also been charged and given the same sentence a few weeks earlier.

12 MARCH: CHRISTCHURCH Asha Ali Abdille, the Somali woman convicted of trying to hijack a flight from Blenheim to Christchurch in 2008, took her case to the Court of Appeal. She claimed that

she had pleaded guilty

because the police

had threatened her that, if she did not, she would be taken to America and executed. On 29 March it was reported that her appeal had failed.

12 MARCH: SHANGHAI Wang Jiajing, 24, had his three and a half year sentence upheld by the Shanghai No 1 Intermediate People’s Court. Jiajing had been sentenced for stabbing his mother, Gu, in the head, arms, abdomen and back at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport on 31 March 2011. Gu had ceased to financially support her son’s studies in Japan. Despite being the victim, Gu made the appeal to the court as she claimed that her son was mentally disturbed when he assaulted her.

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