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Contract Maintenance Group has rebranded to form Traffik - a new concept in floor care offering sustainable flooring solutions to both the public and private sectors.

Contract Maintenance Group (CMG), which, over the past 20 years, has established a reputation as one of the UK’s foremost hard floor maintenance and carpet care companies, last month re-branded itself under the Traffik brand name to present an innovative new concept in hard floor and carpet care and maintenance.

The company’s services will include the provision of new surfaces for old and damaged hard flooring, new colour options and even new branding all without the need for replacement - turning unsafe and unsightly surfaces into safer BS compliant floors and providing cost effective anti mark and anti static solutions. The most important component of the Traffik service is to make existing floors and carpets last longer – saving the cost of replacement and, through minimal disruption to the working environment.

Traffik’s service partnership programme enables the company to offer tailored floor refurbishment and maintenance programmes

including replacing old and worn floors with brand new long lasting surfaces in an unlimited range of colours, designs and finishes. Floor surfaces no longer need stripping and sealing and are as easy to maintain as any top specification floor at a fraction of the cost of replacement. They can also provide bespoke floor design by using their revolutionary PU Design system and can work on top of most resilient surfaces to create amazing results - all without the need to lift and replace old floors. With limitless colour options, coloured flecks, printed foils and even bespoke graphic elements, unique and individual flooring is created at a fraction of the cost of conventional replacement flooring systems. Traffik are also specialists in stone surface repair, restoration, protection, anti slip and diamond polishing and can even offer services in sealing and protecting concrete floor surfaces using shot blasting, resin floor application, PU sealers and anti slip coatings.

Another area of Traffik’s expertise is anti-slip; they

“Traffik will aim to become the most practical and efficient link between designers, Facilities Managers and the eventual end users of commercial premises who have to deal with often poorly

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thought out flooring design schemes. Traffik will also help in identifying problems, specifying solutions and then providing them. The same rigorous attention to service quality associated with the CMG brand will be maintained alongside further additions in product ranges offered through our Service Partnerships with some of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world as well as some of the best niche market sector companies. We also hope to continue the growth in our UK network of specialist providers. Our principle

can advise on the suitability of floor surfaces and through Pendulum Testing determine if flooring meets HSE/BS slip guidelines. With a wide range of anti slip solutions, the company can provide solutions for all types of floor surfaces. All Traffik offices nationwide use Pendulum testers to assess floor safety using BS7976 guidelines.

Anti-stain and ESD compliant surfaces is another skill that Traffik boast, as their anti colour system ensures that stains and damaging marks from tyres, iodine, bleach and other materials that can cause marking, are

aim, particularly in these difficult economic times, is to take floor services to a new level, presenting clients with a range of solutions that revitalises and reinvigorates their flooring options without the need for expensive replacement and, once installed, to help maintain and prolong the flooring’s life. These are exciting times for us - Traffik will, we believe, quickly become recognised as a company that promises and delivers a reliable, consistent and exceptional maintenance and refurbishment flooring

easily managed to avoid permanent stains. Anti- static ESD compliant systems are available in two forms for fully earthed floors as well as for floors that require Electrostatic dissipation. They are also experts in carpet care, and troubleshooting carpet cleaning problems with methods such as dry extraction and the revolutionary electrolytic carpet maintenance means they don’t waste water.

service, providing world class products and solutions through a nationwide network of highly trained, professional technicians across the UK and Eire. It still amazes me that most people think a floor is just something to walk on - think again! It is often the first thing people notice when visiting your premises, a valuable asset that often defines who we are and what we represent and as such is a vitally important investment. They need looking after and that’s what Traffik is all about!”


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