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Meetings. We will disseminate results from the casting trials at local AFS Chapter meetings to reach a broader range of users.

Upon final completion of the research project, a paper will be written for AFS Transactions. This paper will document the scientific details of the research project and will be used for a Casting Congress Presentation. CMI has used facilities at WMU to conduct metal casting training programs. The find- ings of this study can be incorporated into a training program

Achieving Lightweight Casting Solutions for Defense Applications (ALCS)

The ALCS program is the result of an FY10 Congressional Appropriation request made by members of the Illinois con- gressional delegation on behalf of AFS. $1.6 million was ap- proved and signed into the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) FY10 Appropriations Bill. A Cooperative Agreement (CA) was secured with US Army ARDEC - Benet Labs as a response to a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) that will be the frame- work for conducting this program. Our agreement is for four years with a ceiling limit of $11,749,550 in Government funds and $5,087,179 in Cost Share, making the total agreement worth $16,836,729.00. While this represents potential funds that can be released toward projects under ALCS, it is up to AFS to secure the funding sources. Towards that end, AFS was able to get a similar funding level in GFY11 as a congressional request in the Senate Budget for the Defense Budget, but in the final budget that was passed in April all congressional requests were eliminated. AFS is pursuing a more comprehensive authoriza- tion language for the FY12 budget that has received support both in House and Senate, although final budget discussions as of this update have yet to begin.

This current effort resulted in $1.2 million available for FY10 new start projects and support activity under this CA and the

ALCS Project

Project Title ALCS2010-01 High Strength Chill Cast 7075

at WMU to enhance the learning experience through practical applications for the course attendees.

Status Update: The project has just started. The work is be- ing monitored by the AFS 4H Green Sand Additives and Test- ing Committee. Those wishing more information about the project or participation should contact the Steering Commit- tee chair Fritz S..Meyer at friedhelm.meyer@ask-chemicals. com or Dr. Sam Ramrattan, at

AFS Advocated & Coordinated Research

funding signed into the DoD FY10 bill. An ALCS Advisory Board, consisting of 22 members from the metalcasting industry, the DoD prime contractors and also government sector entities (Army Research Labs, Office of Naval Research. WPAFB, Benet, DLA) participated in a kick-off meeting held in Dec. 09. A Call for White Papers was issued, and 34 proposals were received by the Jan. 31 deadline. Almost $7,000,000 in funding was requested for the first year of activity. This Advisory Board helped down- select the top 10 and then an executive board consisting of AFS staff and the government members chose the seven projects that are included in the first Annual Program Plan under this CA re- ceiving funding for FY10. Most of these projects are now almost complete, with presentations made by George Kokos (Caterpil- lar) on ALCS2010-02 and Prof. Robin Foley on ALCS2010-05 given at the recent AFS Wisconsin Regional Conference. Further updates will be given during sessions at the 2012 Metalcasting Congress allowing AFS members a chance to see the technology and process innovations that is a result of the funding support. More information, submission instructions and ALCS news related webpage can be located at Those wishing to receive information about how they can support this initiative should contact Thomas Prucha, AFS, at tprucha@af- The beneficiaries of the ALCS program will first and foremost be the Warfighter, the Military and our membership by promoting castings and a strong North American industrial base.

Principle Investigator Company―(State)

Paul Fraley GS Engineering (MI)

ALCS2010-02 Novel In-Situ Process for Producing High-Performance G. Kokos & J. Brown Iron Castings Containing Dual Graphite Morphologies

ALCS2010-03 Advanced Aluminum MMC Brakes ALCS2010-04 Machinablility of FeMnAl Alloys ALCS2010-05 Advanced Austempered Ductile Iron

ALCS2010-06 Improving the Performance and Manufacturing of Cast Alloys Through Modeling

ALCS2010-07 Advanced Titanium Casting Solutions

Caterpillar (IL) Adam Loukus

REL Inc. (MI)

Prof. Robert Tuttle SVSU (MI)

Prof. Robin Foley UAB (AL)

Richard Huff Caterpillar (IL)

Dr. Joe Santner Northern Illinois Univ. (IL) International Journal of Metalcasting/Spring 2012 Co-Investigators Company―(State)―Role

D. Weiss―Eck (WI) Casting Partner Prof. Sanders―MTU (MI) Univ. Partner

Prof. Von Richards-MS&T (MO) Univ.

D. Weiss―Eck (WI) Casting Partner J. Pytleski―GDLS (MI) DoD Prime

Mark Donze―Fullerton Tool (MI) Industry Partner

Applied Process (MI)

Grede (MI, WI, AL) Casting Partner DoD Prime

Prof. Beckermann―UI (IA),

Prof. Thiel―UNI (IA), Prof. Nash-IIT (IL) Prof. Grandhi―Wright State (OH)

D. Hanson―JMTC US Army (IL)―DoD J. Sebastion―QuesTek (IL) Ind R&D


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