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A single-chip, line card device for mobile multimedia and packet- based carrier Ethernet applications has been released by Microsemi Corporation. The ZL30150 features two integrated digital phase lock loops (DPLLs) that can lock on to up to four inputs for applications that require independent transmit and receive timing paths. The new line card device also integrates two numerically controlled oscillators (NCOs) ideally suited to network measurement and control systems used in GSM, WCDMA and LTE applications.

Simulation technology for CPUs

Simulation technology for sys- tems using the ARM computing core, widely used in mobile phones and other electronic devices has been unveiled by Fujitsu Laboratories. Claimed as a 'world first”, this technology is able to closely reproduce hard- ware operations with cycle-for- cycle real-time accuracy. Systems using the ARM core

have become significantly more complex in recent years, creating a need for a simulation technology that runs faster and with better fidelity to the hardware; for use both in testing whether the system runs as designed and in application and operating-systems. Essentially this technology is a platform for running simulations that allow for cycle-level simula- tions with low system overhead, based on a just-in-time compiler. The result is a standard PC environment that can simulate at the cycle level of an ARM multi- core system. Fujitsu Laboratories


iPod win for reader of CI prize draw

To better serve the capacious requirement of data and to avert the still present connectivity bottle- neck, Christian Wolff CEO of Lantiq commented, during a dis- cussion on the connected home at CeBIT Global Conferences, that a smart hybrid approach of wireless and wireline technology will be the solution to facilitate the Giga Home. Within the home, the latest sets of Wi-Fi standards as well as, a home wired networking standard recently validated by the ITU-T will help to bring high band- width to users and their devices.

A new line of thermal imaging cameras have been designed that are claimed to be ‘the world's first’ camera system that can provide both fire safety and security in the same package. Utilising a high performance thermal camera combined with a wide variety of lens options and a powerful fire detection feature, allows deploy- ments for monitoring internal generation plants to protecting very wide areas outdoors. With the fire detection capability enabled, the camera can detect a 75cm by 75cm fire as far away as 840meters within five seconds, with detection ranges increasing for larger-sized fires up to 6m by 6m at distances up to 6.5km, day or night.


which was presented to him by Datateam's Managing Editor, Neil Mead at the company’s headquar- ters in Hoo Marina, Kent. Ransom is a regular reader of Factory Equipment and finds the content “an interesting and useful read," that helps in his role of Purchasing Manager. Cong - ratulations to Alan on winning this year's prize.

The lucky winner of the 2011 annual, Connecting Industry cir- culation prize draw has been announced. Alan Ransom, Purchasing Manager at Net-Tex Industries scooped the prize of the latest Apple iPod Touch,

Sign up to any of the Connecting Industry titles now and you could be in with a chance of winning next year's prize of the latest Apple iPad. For full details visit: New website launch for Corintech

Following extensive redevelop- ment, design and user testing, Corintech has now announced the official unveiling of its new company website.

The company originally started out in 1977 as a thick film hybrid and microelectronics manufac- turer. Over its 34 years it has grown into a multi-national com- pany offering a comprehensive Contract Electronic Manufacturing service to customers.

In recent years significant internal investment has enabled the company to diversify further and develop its own in-house product design team and a range

of standard products. The new website has been designed to reflect the changing capabilities and expertise of the business. The company's new updated online presence reflects its hi- tech market position, whilst launching a brand new range of products with an accompanying e-commerce site.

Customers can now purchase handheld touch-screen program- mers and data collectors, the EL- DataPad, and the range of accompanying USB data loggers direct from the online store. Corintech

Developing innovations in lighting that are non-power intensive is a high-priority on any lighting application list. A solution that offers a low-voltage HB-LED for Li+ battery operated systems features on p9 that responds to these power budget needs. The ten-year anniversary edition of the Embedded World exhibition and conference that took place in Nuremberg at the end of February proved that embedded technology is indeed a lucrative market that is delivery some astounding results. For a highlight of some of the products released at the show turn to p18.

Once again power comes into focus with a power efficient transmitter for the broadcast industry featuring on p20. For a glimpse of the latest power products such as a new synchro- nous buck regulator for dual-cell Li- Ion applications turn to p22. FPGA technology has featured regularly in the trade press recently and in this issue there is a focus on FPGA technology and how to use this to develop low power, high-per- formance devices featuring on p24. Michelle Winny Editor


National Electronics Week UK 18

th - 19 April 2012 th

Hall 2 NEC Birmigham, located within the main Piazza, sharing an entrance with the Independent Power Energy and Electricity Event and Electrex, co-located and next door to Drives and Controls, Air-Tech, IFPEX, Plant and Asset Management and MACH

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