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New normally-on SiC JFETs

manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) transistor technology for high-power, high-efficiency, harsh- environment power management and conversion applications, today launched the SJDP120R340, a normally on SiC trench JFET that, when compared with silicon MOSFETs, enables higher switching speeds and substantially lower losses. Rated at 1200V with a maximum on-state resistance of 340 m (typical RDS,on of 270 m ), these new devices feature a positive temperature coefficient for ease of paralleling and extremely fast switching with no tail current at 150 °C. Key applications include photovoltaic microinverters, SMPS and UPS, motor drives, and induction heating. Explains SemiSouth’s Director of Sales, Dieter Liesabeths: “Because of the small die size and our compact device design, the new SJDP120R340 normally on SiC trench JFETs are very cost-effective. Samples are available today; with volume production set to begin in Q2 2012 with pricing below $7 in quantities of 1000.”


SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc. Tel: +1 (662) 324 7607 ext. 29 Web:

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Versatile Affordable Inspection Solutions W

ith Investment in new technology being critical for UK Industries it is refreshing to be able to talk about inspection systems that are both versatile and cost effective.

Automatic Optical Inspection and X-Ray Inspection are systems that cause many people to think of excessive cost and extensive training and education to use. TestSolve however provide systems that offer ease of use, flexibility of application and all at cost effective prices to remove all of the pain barriers to implementation.

Both AOI and X-Ray systems can be ordered in a range of configurations to meet the specific needs of the testing regime without going over the top.

AOI can be provided in desktop or in-line format with a choice of resolutions and board size limitations. The X-Ray systems have models designed for rapid production assessment of PCB’s through to detailed analysis of sub-micron features with reel-to-reel inspection for counterfeit components available as an option.

Systems will be on display on the

or contact us on 01494 449677. TestSolve Ltd

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Belden markets new Embedded Ethernet components

elden has added the new managed Embedded Ethernet switches EES 20 and EES 25 to its Hirschmann™ product range.


These switches provide automation devices that possess Ethernet interfaces the complete functional scope of a standalone switch. The EES 20 and EES 25 each has six Fast Ethernet ports that can be configured for either 10/100 BASE TX or 100 BASE FX. They also offer extensive management and filter functions plus a variety of redundancy methods and port security.

In addition, the EES 25 supports precision synchronization as per IEEE 1588v2 plus PRP (parallel redundancy protocol), which guarantees

uninterrupted data communications. This function range can be extended by updating the software, which means that these two Embedded Ethernet switches offer maximum flexibility plus a guaranteed future. Manufacturers of automation equipment no longer need to concern themselves with switching technology and can instead focus on their own core strengths, thus minimizing development risks. An evaluation kit is also available to assist manufacturers at the design-in stage. The Embedded Ethernet switches, which are designed for an operating temperature range from 40°C to +85°C, are powered via the attached automation equipment (3.3 VDC). The power consumption is 1A. These modules take up very little space, measuring only 88 mm x 60 mm x 12 mm (w x h x d). They are mounted directly on the mainboard of the automation equipment. Management and diagnostics are carried out via one of the Ethernet interfaces. The integrated SNMP interface also enables the switches and hence the automation equipment to be integrated into network management software such as Hirschmann™’s Industrial HiVision. Redundancy methods such as RSTP, MRP and – on the EES 25 – also PRP, guarantee a high level of network availability. Along with the two new Embedded Ethernet switches from its Hirschmann™ product range Belden is giving manufacturers of automation equipment the benefit of its comprehensive network expertise.

Belden Inc. 30 Tel: +31 77 387 8555 Web: enter 811

t is with great pleasure that we announce our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Following a focussed period last year to develop processes, procedures and our quality manual, BSI awarded our certification on 27th January 2012. Our quality management system will deliver continual improvements in the way we manage our business, working proactively with our partner suppliers, and contract review with our customers, to deliver right first time, quality products. We look forward to the continual improvements this achievement brings.

ISO 9001:2008 I

TestSolve stand (66c) at the NEW UK, E-mail: enter 810

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