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Densitron OLED Displays Compatible with Alphanumeric LCDs


ensitron’s Alphanumeric OLED modules are specifically designed to enable easy system

integration and high display performance in an industrial environment.

Apart from being energy efficient and compact in

size, with thickness between 1.3 mm and 1.6 mm, the displays have an extended operating temperature range of -40°C~80°C, up to 50,000 hours half life time and a near 170° wide viewing angle.

The modules come with standard interface

options of 4/8 bit parallel, SPI and I2C and in-built font CGROM and Chip-On-Glass configuration. USB Evaluation Kits are available.

DAB, measuring equipment, point of sale and smart meter applications.

Densitron’s dedicated technical

Alphanumeric OLEDs are suitable for card reader, Additionally, the modules are

ideal for existing users of Alphanumeric LCD displays who look for compatible upgrades that offer great value.

support team is on hand to assist customers with any design or migration issues that they may have.

Densitron Display Solutions Tel: +44 (0)20 7648 4200 Web:

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elonic Instruments have introduced a new range of Hipot (Flash) and Insulation Resistance testers manufactured by Japan based Kikusui. Designated the TOS5300 the three models in the range are designed for use in Withstanding Voltage and Insulation Resistance testing to help ensure the safety of Electrical / Electronic components / equipment. Incorporating and innovative PWM amplifier that achieves high stability and has an input voltage regulation of.3%. The series offer rise and fall time control of the test voltage and a stable output which is unaffected by mains voltage variations, plus the ability to select 50 or 60Hz test frequency. Upper and lower current limits can be set within the range of 0.01mA to 110mA in AC mode and 0.01mA to 11mA in DC mode. AC test voltage is settable from 0.05kV to 5kV. D.C test voltages can be varied from 0 to 6kV.


There are three models in this versatile range which consist of: 1. TOS5300 which is for withstanding voltage AC testing up to 5kV. 2. TOS5301 has AC and DC withstanding voltage test capability with AC up to 5kV and DC up to 6kV. 3. TOS5302 has 5kV AC withstanding voltage test capability, plus an insulation test function with test voltages from 25V to 1000V.

All models will operate from any global AC input voltages and frequencies; and are equipped with a USB interface. Easy to use controls and a large L.C.D. panel feature on the front panel. Weighing approx. 15kg’s These products have applications right across Industry and Research Labs.

Telonic Instruments Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 118 9786911

Nokia joins AVX in the ‘Solutions for Hope’ initiative A

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VX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, is proud to announce

that Nokia, a global leader in mobile communications, has joined AVX in the Solutions for Hope initiative. “We are very pleased that Nokia has joined Motorola Solutions, Intel, HP and Foxconn to support the Solutions for Hope initiative. We have many more companies evaluating the program and anticipate further membership in the near future,” said Bill Millman, Tantalum Divisional Director of Quality and Technology at AVX. The Solutions for Hope initiative is enabling validated conflict-free tantalum from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to be used in products from AVX, Nokia and other participating companies.

AVX Tel: +44 (0) 1803 697211

ith a host of design features to improve both reliability and efficiency, the 78 Series of switched mode power supplies from Finder gives control system builders a stable and dependable low voltage DC supply. 91% efficient, and drawing only 0.4W in standby, this series of modular,

rail mounted DC power supplies comprises

24VDC, 36W; 24VDC 60W and 12VDC, 50W output variants that support universal AC or DC supply ranges, respectively 100-265VAC and 140-370VDC. Integrating the latest protection technologies, the 78 Series includes: thermal protection with fast output voltage shutdown; short circuit protection with ‘hiccup’ (auto-recovery) mode and overvoltage (varistor) protection.

DC power supplies from Finder W

In addition, the power

supplies’ high inrush current handling capability means they will safely tolerate loads with high current transient characteristics, such as capacitive circuits and solenoids fitted with ‘economy’ resistors.

Finder plc Tel: 01785 818100 Electronics MARCH 2012 Web: enter 807 Web:

nspecting the first board from a production run can be a very time consuming process and, on a high mix line, can delay production. The EFA software, provided by Cupio, can run on a standard PC and will match a picture of the board taken from an AOI system, camera, scanner or any number of sources, to the component coordinates and bill of materials data.

I The project can be set up quickly

and easily and an inspector can check each component on the first board in minutes rather than hours. The software can also be used to check a very small batch of boards that is impractical to programme onto an AOI system.

A comparator

against a golden sample is included for simple checking, as is the ability to display the silk screen or layout drawing as an overlay. If you would like a free trial of the software,

please email EFA@cupio.coluk or call 01962 832654.

Cupio Yestech-Europe Tel: 01962 832654 Web:

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New range of Hipot and Insulation Resistance testers

Enhanced First Article Inspection

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