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Spring Planted Bulbs

A. var. Sarian #SAL99 A hybrid of A. zebrine and A. micholitziana. Huge dark green arrowhead-

shaped leaves up to 36 inches long with gently waved edges have bold, white veination and are held

upright on beautiful striped stems. Will grow up to 12 feet tall in ideal conditions, but if kept as a houseplant, will generally stay much smaller. [Ht: 5'-6', Zones: 9 to 10, SSH] Each 9.95 3 for 27.95 6 for 49.95

❧ A. var. Stingray

#SAL108 Spectacular bright green, glossy leaves with a rip- pling edge resemble the shape of a stingray, complete with a long,

pointed ‘tail’. A unique, easy-to-grow selection perfect for adding drama to containers and the tropical landscape.

[Ht: 5'-6', Zones: 9 to 10, S/SSH] Each 10.95 3 for 29.95 6 for 54.95

ALSTROEMERIA Size: noted by variety “Peruvian Lily” When planted in filtered shade and moist, well-drained soil with plenty of

mulch, these South Ameri- can plants spread freely and put on a superb show from early summer into fall. The

2 inch blooms are azalea-like,

etched, blotched and often bicolored, borne profusely in clusters atop erect, lily-like stems. Use: border, natural, cut, pot. [Ht: 1'-4', Bl: Summer, Zones: 7 to 10 (unless noted), S/SSH, 9/sq, yd.]

A. aurea var. Orange King #SAS01 (Syn. A. aurantiaca) Orange and gold freckled with purple-red. A hardier species often surviv- ing Zone 6 winters with protection. 2 to 4 feet tall. Topsize tubers. 3 for 7.95

12 for 27.95

6 for 14.95 24 for 52.95

❧ A. x Inca Ice™ (‘Koice’) #SAS04 Umbels carry 20 or more flowers comprised

of alternating petals of soft apricot pink and creamy yellow with brown speckling producing an overall peachy glow. Bushy plants grow 24 to 36 inches tall with stems long enough for cutting. Hardy in Zones 5 to 9. 3 inch pots. Each 9.95 3 for 27.95 6 for 49.95

ALPINIA 4 inch pots “Variegated Ginger” A. zerumbet var. Varigata #SAZ01 Probably one of the most popular shell gingers in the world. A beautiful foliage plant with outstanding yellow

variegation on the shiny deep green leaves. Its large, pendant, fragrant inflorescences are porcelain-like pink and white. Tolerates temperatures down to 20°F. Grows best in some shade, but can tolerate full sun. [Ht. 3'-4', Zones: 7 to 10, S/SSH] Each 9.95

A. Ligtu Hybrids #SAS05 A colorful mixture with blooms in shades of white, pink, yellow, salmon and orange, one petal striped with a contrasting color. 18 to 24 inches tall. Topsize tubers. 3 for 7.95

12 for 27.95

6 for 14.95 24 for 52.95

A. x Mauve Majesty #SAS09 (P.P.18183)–A hardy selection from the breed- ing program of Dr. Mark Bridgen of Cornell University. Mauve pink flowers with dark spots and creamy yellow throats are produced atop neat, upright plants. 24 to 30 inches tall. Hardy in Zones 5 to 9. 3 inch pots. Each 9.95 3 for 27.95 6 for 49.95

A. x Mona Lisa #SAS10 Large clusters of deep ruby-red trumpets rimmed with apple green, heavily veined and speckled in the creamy-white throat. 30 to 36 inches tall. Bareroot plants. Each 7.95 3 for 21.95 6 for 39.95

3 for 27.95 6 for 49.95

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A. x Sweet Laura #SAS11 (P.P.10030)–One of the hardiest Peruvian lilies and the only one that is fragrant. Golden- yellow 1½ inch flowers are spotted and brushed with deep russet-orange. Grows 24 to 30 inches tall and wide. Developed by the breeding program of Dr. Mark Bridgen. Can be wintered in Zone 5. Bareroot plants. Each 8.95 3 for 23.95 6 for 44.95

A. x Tangerine Tango #SAS13 (PPAF)–Another fantastic selection from the breeding program of Dr. Mark Bridgen of Cor- nell University. Refreshing blooms of tangerine and yellow with lime accents. Creamy throats are heavily speckled. Can be wintered in Zone 5. 3 inch pots. Each 9.95 3 for 27.95 6 for 49.95

FAX: 1.800.374.6120

AMARYLLIS BELLADONNA Size: 20/24cm #SAM01 “Naked Lady”

In August, when much of the garden is lacking in color, leafless stems rise to a height of 20" to 30" and elegantly support clusters of large, fragrant, pink, trumpet- shaped flowers. The foliage appears in early spring and then vanishes. While it’s related to Lycoris squamigera and similar in appearance, Amaryllis belladonna is a smart choice for late summer color in warmer zones. Use: border, cut, natural, pots. [Ht: 20"-30", Bl: Aug/Sept, Zones: 6 (with protection) to 10, S/SSH, 16/sq. yd.] Each 6.95 6 for 34.95

3 for 18.95 12 for 64.95

AMARCRINUM (CRINODONNA) Size: 20/24cm A. howardii #SAM90

(Syn. A. memoria corsii) A hybrid of Amaryllis bella- donna and Crinum moorei. The long- necked bulb produces

arching strap-like foliage and, in late summer, 10 to 15 large, iridescent pink trumpets appear on each tall,

thick flower stalk, blooming until frost. Flowers have delightful, honeysuckle-like fragrance. Performs beautifully in containers and in Zones 7 to 10 garden culture is easy. [Ht: 2'-3', Bl: Late Summer, Zones: 7 to 10, S] Each 9.95 3 for 27.95 6 for 49.95

AMORPHOPHALLUS Top Size “Devil’s Tongue” or “Snake Palm” The ‘Ammos’ fascinating growth habit makes it de riguer for botanical adventurers. From shaded habitats in tropical Af- rica and Asia, these dramatic plants are grown for their magnificent, deeply lobed leaves, mottled stems and bizarre flowers. Suited for the shady tropical garden or, in colder ar- eas, a warm greenhouse. In areas colder than Zones 9 and 10, lift the corm in fall when the leaves yellow and replant every spring to enjoy its summer foliage.

A. bulbifer #SAM50 Primarily grown for its umbrella of compound leaves, much like a palm tree. When dormant a stem up to 3 feet long magically appears topped by a hooded 8 inch spathe, spotted pink outside, rose in the throat and flesh-colored inside, most noteworthy for its unpleasant scent. To skip the flowering sequence, simply cut the stem. [Ht: 3', Zones: 9 to 10, SSH] Each 7.95 3 for 21.95 6 for 39.95

A. rivieri #SAM51 A taller version of A. bulbifer with a reddish- purple spathe, a protruding dark brown spadix and a brownish-green, white mottled leaf stalk. [Ht: 4', Zones: 9 to 10, SSH] Each 8.95 3 for 23.95 6 for 44.95

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