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NEW WEBSITE Leading manufacturer of refuse and recycling sacks, bpi.recycled products has launched a new website dedicated to its flagship Green Sack®

access to a nationwide network of dedicated sales managers able to provide technical advice and added insight.

Commenting on the launch of the Green Sack®

website, range. The new

site,, has been designed specifically to promote the benefits and features of the 100% recycled refuse sacks. Visitors to the site will be able to learn more about the superior environmental credentials of the Green Sack®

, which is believed to

be one of the greenest refuse sacks currently

KIT Cooper Safety Fire Systems, specialist manufacturers and suppliers of fire systems solutions, has launched The Emergency Assist Alarm Stand Alone Kit, compliant with Part M and BS8300 code of


available on the UK market.

As well as providing comprehensive product information on the full Green Sack®

website will also allow

practice; the design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people.

Cooper Safety Emergency Assist Alarm includes everything required for a quick and easy installation with a two-wire connection, which saves on time and installation costs. High contrast printing, a high output blue LED indication,

PIK IT UP PikStik® , an

American brand, has been in the business of building and marketing reaching tools for over 20 years and have innovated the market with creative inventions such as the PikStik® Pro, the TrashStik® and the TelescoPik®

. range, the new

visitors to learn more about bpi.recycled products’ value adding service initiatives. This includes product training, a range rationalisation service and

buzzer and tactile Braille signage to assist the partially sighted.

Commenting on the company’s new launch, Neil Curtis, Global Product Manager at Cooper Fire said: “For those who own or manage a public building, it is now a legal requirement that provisions are made for disabled people by ensuring that that any disabled WC in

PikStik® is a tool used in

many workplace environments including hospitality, medical, janitorial and hardware allowing safe, clean reaching and grabbing for all users.

The range of long-arm reachers let you retrieve items safely without undue stretching, bending and straining. Durable, safe and lightweight designs make these the ideal reachers for any purpose. The universal tools allow you to grab and move in one easy motion so not only are they hygienic

Rachael Barton Marketing Manager at bpi.recycled products, said: “Green Sacks are not only green in name, they’re also green in nature. The new site is designed to reflect this and to raise awareness both of the Green Sack’s many features and of bpi.recycled products’ range of service and support initiatives.”

on the premises is fitted with a disabled toilet alarm. Our Emergency Assist Alarm is attractive and easy to install and in the event of an emergency allows a distressed person to operate with a simple pull of the cord which activates a light and audible alarm outside the WC.”

but they also reduce, or even eliminate, discomfort or wrist injury.

With various product styles and lengths available, there is a PikStik®

requirement. For example, the TelescoPik®

tool for every is the

world’s first adjustable length reacher, and its 75cm length can be extended to 110cm, with the locking ring design making length adjustment easy and secure.

The PikStik® range is now

available in the UK from EWCT Limited. 29

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