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BE PREPARED First Aid, as the words

suggest, is the care given to a casualty before professional help is required, and this help can mean the difference between life and death.

Some companies demand that at least one member of staff be First Aid trained, but it is often seen as merely a technicality and there is little emphasis on how

MESSAGE Flashing Signs has launched Photuris®

GET THE , its first range of

high contrast motion- activated signs for delivering safety or communication messages to drivers and cyclists on non-highway roads, private estates, tourist attractions,


HAZARDS The Gekko is a new battery- powered upright applicator which has been developed specifically for specialist flooring companies and

important it is. By law, everyone in a working environment, whether it is a one-man business or a worldwide plc, needs to be able to use First Aid. Excuses for ducking out of this vital training come in all shapes and sizes, with the most popular ones being “there is too much training” or “you need lots of expensive equipment”. Both are wrong. All you need to be trained is common sense, and the basic tools

educational establishments and hospitals.

Photuris® signs use LED

lights in UV-treated strengthened plastic cases which, when activated, provide a high-contrast illumination visible even in direct sunlight. The motion- activated signs are extremely energy efficient

contractors. The new tool has been developed specifically for specialist flooring companies and contractors and aims to save time, money and reduce the risk of accidents. Developed by Bristol-based Gekko Industries, the tool,

needed for a kit are readily available and can be purchased cheaply.

MEDISCOT ONLINE are one such company that can help you with your First Aid training, with over 25 years experience and a large range of First Aid safety equipment and instruments, along with medical information to all sectors. Their products, which include mercury-free and digital thermometers, lego-

as they only light up when vehicles are approaching.

Managing Director at Flashing Signs, Tom Yeung, said: “By using hardened plastic as an alternative to aluminium in the sign casing, we have developed a sign which is durable and cost effective, retailing at almost half the price of their

which is manufactured in the UK, can be used for fixing wooden flooring, either solid or engineered, and will save users huge amounts of time and dramatically reduce the amount of waste produced.

Alex Nunn, Marketing

type splints and, safety knives, are all available online and come with ISO and C.E approval. They have also been adopted by organisations including the Red Cross and the Royal Lifesaving Society.

So what are you waiting for? After all, you are 20 times more likely to have a fatal accident than win the lottery, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

conventional aluminium counterparts.”

Any businesses looking for an affordable signage solution can either buy bespoke signs outright or rent them for up to three years, with full repair and replace cover, from just £4 a day.

Director at Gekko Industries said: “As well as saving time and money, the Gekko applicator’s ergonomic design has major benefits from a health and safety perspective. The upright design means that the operator no longer has to kneel down on the floor to apply adhesive, and the battery powered operation means operators will not be constantly tripping over cables or air lines, like other applicators on the market. On top of this, there will be no more spilt adhesive to clean up. And with health and safety so important these days, we were determined to take the principal occupational hazards out of flooring and are confident we have succeeded.” 28

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