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Electrical safety testing specialist, Seaward, has upgraded and expanded its range of specialist instruments to provide ready-made solutions for workplace portable appliance testing (PAT).

The Seaward PrimeTest range is designed to meet all levels of electrical equipment safety testing needs, from in-house safety testing to specialist PAT contract services. It also

includes lightweight and battery powered testers for the effective safety testing of all Class I and Class II electrical equipment.

Basic electrical checks are incorporated into the easy to operate entry level PrimeTest 50, with additional earth leakage tests available in the PrimeTest 100. Both testers feature simple push button activation with clear pass/fail indications for appliance tests. The comprehensive PrimeTest 250 is an intermediate level


tester that provides complete electrical safety testing in line with the IEE Code of Practice and the handheld PrimeTest range is completed by the advanced PrimeTest 350, that combines a full range of electrical tests with Bluetooth connectivity‚ an extended internal memory and upload and download features for maximum field test efficiencies.

The Seaward PAT range is supported by a series of PATGuard record keeping software programs for the

prepare for formal prayers.

FACILITIES Portaloo, part of the Portakabin Group, has launched a specially designed range of multi- faith toilet and washing facilities.

The Portaloo Natural and Purity buildings have been developed in response to an increase in demand for ‘natural position’ toilet buildings and wudu washing facilities, used for the Islamic ritual to

& SONS LTD Huge demand from the catering industry has helped create another success story for Robert Scott & Sons Ltd, the UK’s largest manufacturer and single source supplier of professional cleaning related products.


Since introducing the brand in early 2010, sales of the


company’s disposable All Purpose Antibacterial cloths has exceeded all expectations. Aimed primarily at the healthcare and catering industries, they

The first application of the multi-faith personal washing facilities was at Brunel University, which had a requirement from students for a high quality, pre-prayer wash room where they could wash their face, arms and feet in running water, with separate areas for men and women, while a new building was under construction.

James Sweeney, Estates Manager at Brunel University, said: “Our multi- faith student representatives have given us some very positive feedback on the new facility. The project was

are ideal for quickly and efficiently cleaning work surfaces and other environmentally sensitive areas.

The handy sized box means they can be stored on top of work surfaces, giving easy access for staff to clean as they go and the centre feed roll inside the box allows for quick and easy use. The antibacterial properties of the cloths also ensure health and hygiene standards are maintained. Soft, strong and absorbent,

management of test results, together with a full range of test accessories, training materials and technical support.

successful because it was developed in close consultation with end users, and the expertise of the Portaloo team enabled us to deliver exactly what our students needed.”

Portaloo has been manufacturing high quality toilets and shower rooms for nearly five decades, providing domestic-standard toilets, showers and changing rooms to the strictest hygiene standards.

the cloths are colour coded in four different colours and are available in boxes of 200.

Alastair Scott said: “The success of these cloths is a perfect demonstration of our commitment to ensure we continue to supply a complete range of both textile and disposable cloths to our customers that can fulfil all their requirements and, in particular, their demands for more environmentally sensitive products.”

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