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TRAINING DVD The FWC safety training DVD, “Safe use of portable ladders and water-fed pole systems,” shows the importance of a thorough

FOLDSHIELD Kee Safety, the fall protection specialist, has developed KeeGuard Foldshield, a clever and unobtrusive roof safety solution purpose-designed for corporate, heritage and sensitive public buildings, where aesthetics are a significant concern.


Capable of protecting maintenance teams and other contractors working at high level on buildings with flat roofs, KeeGuard® Foldshield provides all the edge safety benefits of the standard KeeGuard® system. Its collapsible design brings extra versatility and with its specially hinged base, the

PLAY IT SAFE The Mono Hinge Self Closing

Gate from Medway Galvanising is setting new standards for safety all over the UK. Colourful, simple to install and intelligently designed to minimise the risk of user injury, the gate is helping to make play areas safer than they’ve ever been.

Children’s playgrounds are filled with apparatus that is designed to provide safer places to play. However, the area’s enclosure is often left to the last minute, leading to the installation of inadequate equipment. The Mono Hinge makes trapped fingers a thing of the past,

guardrail can be lifted into place when work is in progress, then easily folded back down when not in use. Using a simple locking pin, it makes system use easy and straight forward and this foldable capability also ensures that it can be used over a greater choice of locations. The hinged fitting

as the gate opens to 110 degrees to prevent recoil. It also easily incorporates varying closing speeds and torsion settings, making it virtually impossible to beat when it comes to safety.

Precision engineered to be a modern alternative to old- fashioned steel or timber gates, the Mono Hinge Self Closing Gate has been designed to offer easy installation and be extremely low-maintenance. It can open left or right, as a single or double gate, and is assembled and supplied as one complete unit, so work on-site is kept to a minimum and made as easy as possible.

is also designed so that it is foldable in only one direction, preventing any risk of the structure folding the wrong way.

KeeGuard® Foldshield is a

counterbalance system which sits on top of the roof surface without the need for any membrane penetration. It is ideal for a wide range of

With a colourful, easy- to-install and intelligently designed appearance – it’s also one of the most attractive gates available. Fully galvanised by Medway Galvanising to protect it from corrosion for up to 60 years, the gate can also be powder coated with a choice of colours to meet any specification. It is also wheelchair accessible and complies with DDA regulations.

inspection of the site and of the equipment, as well as the importance of safety in securing the ladder and its correct use with an emphasis on the potential consequences.

Using these telescopic poles

might seem like the ultimate solution, but they’re not without their dangers. In the short video, FWC Safety aim to show the viewer, not only how to get the most out of your water-fed Pole system, but how to keep you and the

people around you safe. The DVD also complements their existing IOSH accredited Cleaning Windows Safely training and IOSH accredited Risk Assessment course.

roofing surfaces up to a 10 degree pitch, including asphalt, concrete, mineral felt or PVC sheet covered roofs. Available in up to 6m sections, KeeGuard Foldshield can accommodate long, continuous runs, multiple changes in direction, levels, fixed ends and corners in both restrained and unrestrained applications. It also complies fully with the requirements of EN 13374 Class A. It is also available in a choice of either galvanised steel or aluminium top and mid rails.


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