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I am begging ARMLS to fix the conflict

between iPad and flexmls. A.M. Scottsdale

This topic definitely requires a frank answer due to the mass confusion about what works, what doesn’t, why it isn’t perfect yet, who is working on it and WHEN oh WHEN will all of the flexmls features be completely available on the iPad?

THE SHORT ANSWER: The full version of flexmls

( is NOT currently supported when accessed by iPad. Use of the iPad is only fully supported in the mobile version of flexmls (

THE DETAILS: Well that seems reasonable, so why isn’t that good enough? It isn’t good enough be- cause the iPad does work in flexmls for most tasks. Several Flash charts were updated so they would display properly. Other smaller issues, like scrolling, were addressed and now function with the iPad. There are some items in the system which continue to be problematic on the iPad, like Mapping for example. So let’s make up a number and say that 85% of the system is usable on the iPad.

The mobile version of flexmls is intended to get Agents the information they need when they need it. Therefore the logical starting place is searching, which has been the focus previously. There was also much effort put into making sure the site will work on as many devices as possible. ARMLS and FBS are working to bring more features found in flexmls to the mobile site. However, it is unlikely that the mo- bile site will ever be able to accomplish everything currently available in the full flexmls system. So the focus will remain on core tasks that are time sensitive and may need to be done from the field. So let’s make up another number that 25% of the full flexmls features are available via the mobile site.

Now here‘s the real bottom line: using your iPad with flexmls at will get you 85% out of 100% of the standard flexmls features, while using the mobile site at allows you 100% access to 25% of the standard flexmls features, as intended for quick field use. It is your decision as to which works best for your needs.

THE FUTURE: While iPad is not currently fully supported for use with flexmls, they are working on it. FBS is working to improve the use of the map to pinch zoom and to pan. They are also working on other minor bugs that cause inconsistent behavior when using the print and email. They are commit- ted to addressing iPad issues, but the path to 100% compatibility is a long one. What you can expect is that as time goes on more and more features will become accessible, rather than a single incident of everything suddenly working.

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