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Bryan Jones

Title Trainer Spotlight

Bryan Jones, Business Devel- opment Officer, moved to Clear Title Agency of Arizona to work in the Paradise Valley and Biltmore offices in the spring of 2011 after seven years in the title industry. Bryan brings to his role as ARMLS Title Trainer a wealth of technol- ogy experience from his sales days selling mid-range and main- frame peripherals for IBM and phone systems for Nortel. He val- ues his association with Clear Ti- tle which encourages personal growth and leadership.

A Columbus, Ohio native, Bryan attended San Diego University and graduated with a degree in International Business with an emphasis in Latin American Stud- ies. He admires and respects Realtors as small business people who are willing to go it alone on their own ideas and plans. Bryan values his interaction with Agents through the Title Trainer pro- gram, “ARMLS has afforded *him+ the opportunity to meet many new Agents which *he+ might not have met without the platform of training them on flexmls. Training is invaluable to an Agent’s suc- cess in the real estate industry and I feel privileged to assist them.”

“Making every moment count.”

Currently Bryan is preparing for his wedding in December. He is active in the Paradise Valley Rotary and is passionate about life. Bryan believes that he has found balance. “Corny as it may be . . . 40 and making every moment count.”

ARMLS thanks Bryan for his service to its Subscribers. You can reach Brian at (602)510-9351, (480) 278-8491 or

Clear Title Agency of Arizona


WAVE - the ARMLS magazine

December / January 2012

Contributor - Marcy Rich, Education and Technology Professional

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