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Board of Trustees and the Head of School, in consultation with all of the school’s constituencies, will revisit the Plan regularly, repriori- tize its goals based on current needs, reallocate resources, and revise action steps as needed. Te annual Charge to the Head of School will reflect these discussions and will be shared with everyone in the community at the start of each school year. Tus we will all stay in- formed about our current priorities and share in their realization.

It is important to note that this is an ambitious Plan, reflecting the many hopes we have heard from parents, teachers, and alumni. Many of its goals and action steps will be accomplished in its five-year time frame, others will take longer to fulfill, and still others may never be fully realized but will remain key guideposts in our evolving vision for the school. And some of these goals, by their very nature, will be harder than others to evaluate for success. Nevertheless, we remain committed to making every effort to fulfill the broad strategic goals contained in this document.

Te sequence of the goals included in this Plan follows a logic that puts teaching at its center. Te goals answer, in order, the follow- ing questions: What do we teach? How do we support those who teach? What do we ask of those who teach? What tools do we use to enhance what we teach? In what kind of environment do we teach? Tis organizing principle reflects our commitment to keeping excel- lent teaching at the core of our mission.

Troughout our discussions with hundreds of constituents, no broad theme was more clearly and enthusiastically articulated than that of citizenship. Te most heartfelt aspiration we heard was for St. Anne’s-Belfield School to become, more than ever, a place where students grow into exemplary citizens in their communities — lo- cal, national and global. Parents and teachers expressed over and over the need to prepare and inspire the next generation of leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers. While our students are developing into outstanding citizens, they should be held to the highest standards of integrity, civility, honor, compassion and kindness. Finally, because accountability is an integral part of good citizenship, our school community seeks to be known for consistent accountability on the part of all its members.

We believe that engaged, ethical citizenship is the thread that binds each of these strategic goals to our philosophy, to our core values and to our greatest strengths as a school. Achieving advanced citi- zenship is essential to thriving in this next century, maximizing its countless opportunities for progress and goodness, and addressing its unique challenges.

Respectfully submitted by the 2011 Strategic Planning Committee,

Ted Weschler, Co-Chair Kakie Brooks, Co-Chair

St. Anne’s-Belfield School

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