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Do you want to know where consumer entertainment is going? Look to the skies. The next-generation video experience is moving to the cloud. Whether it is broadcast TV, user-generated content, online video from aggregators like Netflix and DailyMotion, or direct-to-consumer offerings from content producers large and small, all the video you can imagine will soon be delivered through the cloud.

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The future of consumer entertainment:

Delivered through the network-enabled cloud

representmore than just a newkind of online experience. They represent an entirely newcloudmodel: the consumer cloud. From the consumer’s standpoint,


the promise of the consumer cloud is both compelling and clear: all the content and services you want, available anywhere, anytime, on any device. But are today’s cloud service offerings really ready to deliver on that promise? Some questions remain:

nd not just video:New cloud-basedmusic, gaming, personal storage, and other consumer services are launching eachmonth. Together, these services

• How will cloud media services authorize and entitle content for different devices, and for streaming in different geographic locations? • How will these services assure a consistently high quality of experience (QoE) over networks that are not managed by a service provider and over unmanaged devices such as smartphones and tablets? • How will cloud offerings scale to a world where there are twice as many connected IP endpoints as there are people on the planet? Despite the promise of the

consumer cloud, no one - certainly not providers of over-the-top (OTT) hosted cloud services - has been able to l cisco supplement 2011 l ibe l 1

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