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Mission Hills Park Project takes

fiscal hit

British Airways launches direct San Diego–London service.

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Majority of funds allocated for improvement go to city fees

By Margie M. Palmer SDUN Reporter

City fees have eaten up three

quarters of the budget for the mod- est Lewis Street Pocket Park project. Mission Hills Town Council

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Board of Trustees president Mark Felhman said he’s still trying to un- derstand how, after the City of San Diego allocated $450,000 in develop- ment impact fees toward the Lewis Street Pocket Park project, city fees, including consulting, architectural services and permitting have left just over $100,000 to be used for park im- provements. Initiated by the community in

see Fiscal, page 26

Photography by Jarett Boskovich

Residents to returf dog park District 3 matches funds raised

By Dave Schwab SDUN Reporter

Grape Street Dog Park is more than just a recre-

ational area for Golden Hill residents; it’s an institu- tion. Which is why a recent community fundraising drive to raise $2,000 to returf a heavily used section of it was so successful. “We basically sat at a card table at the entrance

of the park and asked people for money,” said John Kroll, a longtime neighbor, who was among those who fought years ago to turn the 5-acre park into an unleashed dog park. “In 10 days, we had raised more than $1,000.” Kroll said volunteers, who solicited public contri-

butions between July 4 and July 13, would have re- see Park, page 26

Mingei—a modern spin ➤➤ FILM P. 19 District 2 City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer speaks to Mission Hills residents about upcoming community projects, July 28. Community news round-up: news from your neighborhood Cinema en tu Idioma Index

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By Margie M. Palmer SDUN Reporter


The Hillcrest Business Im- provement District (HBID) is

currently in the process of manu- facturing a new façade for the Hillcrest Sign, located just west of the intersection of University and 5th avenues. HBID executive di- rector Ben Nicholls said that the

sign, currently 28 years old, has been turned off for the past three months because the central elec- trical components have been fail- ing. The refurbishment cost ap- proximately $45,000 and was paid

Much chatter about Gossip Grill

Uptown Planners to review proposed extension of sidewalk café, residents’ concerns

By Lee Schoenbart SDUN Reporter

After receiving a letter from the City

of San Diego regarding an assessment of a local café’s proposal to create a side- walk patio extending onto University Av- enue, some Uptown residents and busi- nesses are concerned. The proposal, which would extend the

Gossip Grill’s front sidewalk area to the edge of its property line, is particularly dis-

tressing residents of Uptown Court condo- miniums, on the east side of Normal Street, across from the restaurant, said Antoine Hanna, an Uptown Court board member. “The main concern that people have

in this building is the late night noise, be- cause [it] travels into the area and into the building above,” he said. “Their concern is noise after 10 p.m.” Hanna, who is also the owner of Salon

Antoine, at 3717 Normal St., noted, how- ever, that his own apprehension about the proposed extension is less with noise than with parking. “The issue here,…for me, is the park- ing after 5 p.m. I’ve been here for 11 years

see Gossip, page 26

for through funds raised at the 2010 City Fest. The project will be complete and the new sign will be premiered at this year’s City Fest,

see Community, page 3

CityFest 2011 cityfest sundayNoon-9PM fun

14 august 2011

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