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Board of advisors Chris Gosney Broadwell Holdings, LLC Board of Advisor, Operation Efficiency Lean/Six Sigma

Chris Gosney is a MASTER when it comes to dramatic, quick turnaround in industry. Chris has an inherent ability to observe, quickly diagnose, and apply his leadership with the corporate teams to deliver dramatic results for organizations within ninety days or less. He has real proof to back it up. Chris’s successful track record is impressive with a multitude of consecutive turnaround efforts across a diverse industry base deliver- ing millions of dollars to the bottom line.

Chris Gosney, called, “Mr. Kryptonite” is a visionary with a passion for success, trained and certified in lean six sigma and continuous improve- ment. In different environments, Chris has delivered results that drive direct bottom line dollars. He has improved efficiencies from sixty percent to ninety-three percent resulting in an annual direct labor savings of 1.2 million dollars and an indirect labor savings of $300,000 per plant starting with union employees and terrible morale, while companies were in bankruptcy, even though the plants were as old as in 1928.

Real Results As an illustration of the success of the effectiveness of Chris Gosney’s re- sults, there was a plant he took over that was one of the oldest in the 42 plants being run by a company. The company was in bankruptcy and the economy was terrible. There was strong union resistance to management. In less than two years, he reduced lost time accident frequency rate from 9.2 to .9 against an industry standard of 1.9 netting an annual company sav- ings of $850,000. He can reduce quality complaints per million from 17 to 6 resulting in improved customer satisfaction index, and an annual savings of $600,000. He has reduced union grievances by seventy-two percent result- ing in annual savings of $125,000.00 He has reduced material loss/waste by seventy-eight percent yielding an annual savings of 1.9 million dollars. These aren’t just goals of Chris. These are actual results he gets over and over in real world settings.

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