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Wave Alchemy WAV


WAVE Alchemy are renowned for their high quality, no filler, pro standard sample libraries. Past releases such as the Drum Machine Collection and 808 and 909 drum libraries have laid the standard for sample quality and set producer forums alight. ‘Syncussion Drums’ takes the Pearl Syncussion SY-1 drum synthesizer, manufactured by Pearl Instruments in 1979, and presents almost every possible iteration of sound imaginable from the original unit. The synthesizer has since become extremely rare, so for most of us it

gives us the chance to get our hands on sounds we could not before have either accessed, or afforded!

Of all the percussive aural wonders to come out of the synth, the vintage sound that accompanies the samples is truly worth its weight in gold. Across the 1885 24-bit drum hits, there are 839 drum sounds recorded to 1/4” tape via a Studer A80 Mk1 tape machine, 162 unprocessed kick drum samples including cone-melting subs, snappy clicks and enormous bass drums, 74 processed kick drum sounds, and 16 creatively layered kicks and huge subs. And so much more.



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