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Buckeye International Inc. 2700 Wagner Place, Maryland Heights MO 63043

T: 07788 432884 E: W:

Are your floors finished with product that over-promises and under-delivers? Your disappointment ends here with Buckeye LiquiMax Maximum Durability Finish! LiquiMax utilizes proprietary technology that provides incredible shine, depth of gloss, and uniform appearance while resisting scuffing and microabrasions like no other floor finish! Following proper procedures, you can extend your strip cycles to 18-36 months. LiquiMax does not powder when burnished or yellow over time. End the outdated process of stripping floors every 6-12 months and get Buckeye LiquiMax now! LiquiMax is a great floor finish for any type of facility. It is a real workhorse when it comes to durability while not sacrificing appearance or shine. See for yourself all of the best features of a great floor finish in one product! For more information or a test, please contact Dave Pinder at

Cleenol Group Ltd

Beaumont Road, Banbury OX16 1RB T: 01295 251721 F: 01295 269561 E: W:

Steeped in manufacturing heritage that dates back to the early 20th century, Cleenol is an independent family run company which is recognised as one of the UK’s leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning and hygiene products to a wide range of industries. Cleenol has an extensive manufactured product range and stocks a large range of ancillary products, making it a single source for a complete range of cleaning and janitorial materials. British Nova is a specialist division for floorcare solutions. Since the outset, our focus has been constant – improved product performance, increased health and environmental safety and enhanced customer benefit. From hotels to hospitals, airports to supermarkets, leisure centres to schools or the factory floor, each product in Cleenol’s extensive range of cleaning solutions is formulated to provide the highest of standards in domestic, commercial and industrial hygiene technology. Accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards.

Contico Cardrew Way, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 1ST T: +44 (0)1209 312123 F: +44 (0)1209 314333 E: W:

Contico’s vast range of products for a cleaner world is the largest available from any one manufacturer in the UK and is designed to cover all aspects of cleaning and maintenance with a special focus on Floorcare which ranges from traditional mopping systems to the advanced microfibre disposable and semi disposable floorcare systems. With a lightweight telescopic handle and a velcro frame, the Dispomop® concept is very ergonomic and flexible in all cleaning applications. Floor disinfection with only Dispomop® and water is now a proven process and establishes a new standard for safe and effective surface decontamination, without the use of harmful chemicals. The Dispomop® cleans floors, ceilings and walls, faster and at a lower cost per use than any conventional chemical cleaning methods. Dispomop®is the first microfibre disposable mop (awarded in 2003), validated to the industry disinfection standard EN13697 protocols. This is the first time ever achieved in the textile world! At Contico we have also built up an enviable reputation for the quality of our floor pads and our many other floor maintenance products. Designed and produced to the highest standards to ensure superior performance on virtually any floor surface. Each floor pad is designed and constructed to provide continuous contact with the floor surface and can be used wet or dry. Their open web construction enables easier dirt pick-up and permits faster pad cleaning.


Weston Favell Centre, Northampton NN3 8PD T: Customer Services 0800 525 525 E: W:

Diversey is a world leader in cleaning and hygiene solutions for business, a position gained by acting as a true partner to our customers, rather than as a supplier. For more than a century, we have demonstrated a proven track record of delivering innovative, high-performance chemical systems, floorcare machines, cleaning tools and services for the cleaning, hygiene, and sanitation industry.

With 11,000 employees worldwide, and delivering solutions in more than 175 countries, Diversey commands the leading position in every major market, and covers all the relevant sectors within the UK - from Health Care, Retail, and Lodging, to Food Service, Food and Beverage, and Building Service Contracting. At Diversey, we believe that sustainable solutions that protect the environment are more profitable and good business practice for now and the future. At the same time, they allow us to deliver on our responsibility to the wider community – commitment to create a cleaner, healthier future.

FLOORCARE 32 | TOMORROW’S CLEANING YEARBOOK 2011/2012 | The future of our cleaning industry

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