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Chemical-free floorcare for a green future

HTC Twister™- a revolution in sustainable floorcare, saving the environment and saving you time and money.

The environmental pollution in today’s society is big; therefore the demand for new thinking within all areas is important. Cleaning is one area where large amounts of chemicals are let out. However, HTC Sweden AB has developed a method where you treat the dirt mechanically, which gives both cleanness and shine without use of any detergents or polish. The method is called HTC Twister™.

HTC Sweden AB is a Swedish company based in Söderköping, Sweden with subsidiaries in Germany, France, England, the USA and distributors all over the world.

Both delicate and economic HTC Twister™ is a revolutionary cleaning method that saves not only time, but also money, whilst being merciful to both the floors and the environment. It is a cleaning method where you clean the floor with pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds. The pads fit on basically all cleaning machines around the world. By treating the dirt mechanically (by polishing and maintaining the floor with diamond impregnated pads) you reach an exceptional cleanness and high shine without using detergents or polish.

Furthermore, the

method does not wear out your floor.

The importance of using products and methods that minimise adverse impacts on health and the environment grows stronger every day. More and more companies worldwide are basing their decisions on life cycle information, in effort to gain the most from their actions without unintentionally jeopardising their ability to thrive in the future.

Today’s society includes a large variation of floor materials and products and methods for keeping floors clean. All floor products and methods create environmental impact of different kinds and magnitudes. Twister™ brings out the qualities of most common floors including terrazzo, marble, natural stone, concrete, vinyl and epoxy. The diamond prepared pads fit all types of auto scrubbers and polishing machines, replacing all other cleaning methods and streamlining the daily maintenance.

Echoes in the whole world With traditional cleaning the chemicals aren’t effective as the contact with the floor surface is too short, therefore most of the chemicals are passed out with the dirty water. Documented tests show that the floors become even cleaner with the HTC Twister™ method without chemicals than with traditional methods. With HTC Twister™ you reach dirt deep down in scratches and joints, which are normally hard to reach; the result is as good on plastic floors as on stone floors. The fact that a cleaning method that eliminates the use of chemicals gives a better result than the conventional cleaning

FLOORCARE 30 | TOMORROW’S CLEANING YEARBOOK 2011/2012 | The future of our cleaning industry

methods is a revolutionary detection that echoes in the whole world. ISS, one of the biggest cleaning companies in the world, has, for instance, signed a three-year global agreement with HTC: HTC Twister™ is now introduced as the standard for ISS all over the world.

The floor looks new and the lifetime increases dramatically HTC Twister™ can be used on most common floor surfaces like terrazzo, natural stone, concrete, vinyl and epoxy. By using HTC Twister™ for daily maintenance the floor will stay shiny and clean without any need of periodical maintenance. This along with the fact that you can use the pads on existing equipment and that the pad lifetime is long, makes the method both cost efficient and time saving. The pads have different colours depending on the size of the diamonds. For daily maintenance you use the green pad, nothing else is needed. However you can upgrade an old, worn floor by using a coarser pad. The floor becomes like new and the floor life increases dramatically.

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