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by DAVE PATEL managing director DPR Consulting


DPR Consulting aims to push the boundaries of lending technology to help innovative lenders

DPR Consulting is the leading provider of mortgage origination systems for retail and commercial lenders across the UK. Our modern and flexible software helps drive down costs and shorten processing time though a formidable combination of advanced process automation, smart task management and a library of third party interfaces covering everything from credit scoring, fraud detection and electronic ID to property valuation and payment handling. The result is a lean and efficient solution that optimises resource without sacrificing the critical human element, putting the customer and intermediary at the heart of the process.

When it came to launching a new lender, the team behind Precise Mortgages had a proven track record for innovation and agility in the market. Selecting a technology partner who shared their vision and who had the technical and business expertise to deliver against aggressive timescales was critical to the success of the new proposition. DPR was an obvious choice, having worked with the team on a number of previous projects. DPR rose to the challenge, delivering a complete solution for Precise Mortgages from start to finish in less than six months. DPR’s integrated solution for Precise Mortgages provides brokers with a rich web portal including self-registration for both directly authorised brokers and network ARs, KFI production, online DIPs, paperless applications and full case tracking. The system also includes a comprehensive commission management module to ensure that procuration fees are settled promptly and accurately.

At the core of the DPR platform is the Product Factory, a powerful database that holds details of all rates, fees, criteria, commission and

distribution arrangements. This information is used to drive the broker portal and ensure that every user sees an accurate real-time view of the products available on that day. For Precise Mortgages, the ability to directly manage and understand the status of funding pools, distribution tranches and risk exposure in real time is a significant benefit.

As available funds for each product are depleted, the system automatically controls availability, helping to ensure that previously accepted applications can always be honoured. The Back Office mortgage processing suite helps drive pipeline cases through the system quickly and efficiently through a rich, task-oriented user interface that proactively manages all aspects of underwriting and processing activity to ensure timely progression at every stage. A rules engine allows lending policy to be applied automatically where required, saving effort and ensuring that affordability and other standard criteria can be checked in a uniform manner, with a full audit trail and visibility by the underwriter.

The workflow engine is responsible for orchestrating the allocation of tasks, document production and integration with external systems, for example obtaining information from credit reference agencies to facilitate applicant credit decision making or processing property valuation data received electronically from a surveyor panel.

DPR is committed to an ongoing programme of research and development, and continues to push the boundaries of lending technology to ensure that innovative lenders such as Precise Mortgages have the tools and systems they need to remain at the forefront of the industry.


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