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Marketing Tips

by ROSELLE HILL head of marketing Precise Mortgages


New opportunities await brokers who can help the four million people that missed at least one credit card payment last year

Where have all your customers gone? Not that far away. To get more business you need to be proactive and take a look at your current customer bank and look for new opportunities. Existing and potential customers like Jack, Harry, Debra, Emily, Henry and Ahmed are either in your current customer bank or are already out there trying to find a mortgage. Remember, last year some four million people missed at least one credit card payment and more than 1500 consumer CCJs are issued every day – that’s more than two million in the last three years! There are also around one million people that have missed at least one mortgage payment in the last three years.

l Work your customer bank. Look at cases you have done in the past, and call the customer to see how they have conducted their finances. Book an appointment to see if a remortgage and consolidation of debt is an option. If you are not able to help due to their credit profile, suggest ways that they can clear this up and then look to remortgage them at a later date. l Keep a spreadsheet for any customer you’re unable to help. Log details of why and


I can assure you that if you look through your customer bank you won’t find fictional characters. You will find customers like Jack, Harry, Debra, Emily, Henry and Ahmed.

REACH OUT Reaching existing customers is easy. You already have relationships with them which means you have the perfect reason to make contact. A simple telephone call to book an appointment or an email to touch base will encourage them to assess their current circumstances. Customers may have uncertainties surrounding their financial situation and have probably been convinced by the media that things are only going to get worse. I’m sure that most of your customers would appreciate you taking the time to offer support and to let them know that there may well be a mortgage to meet their requirements.

POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK Many potential customers are trying to find a mortgage on the high street or are in a competitor’s office right now. So now is the time to raise your profile and get competitive. Make existing and potential customers aware that there are new lenders in the market today that can help and that there is hope beyond the high street.

then go back to them when lenders’ criteria have widened sufficiently. l Book yourself onto a motivational roadshow; proactive mortgage lenders are working with brokers to help create strategies to generate new mortgage leads. See pages 29 onwards for details on how the Precise Mortgages roadshows can help you grow your business. l Update your website with fresh information – remember this is your shop window.

l Launch a refer a friend incentive for existing customers. l Target your local directories to give you an all year round presence. Why not add your company’s contact details to internet listings, Yellow Pages, Thomson Local and other local guides? It’s cost effective and highly targeted. l Public notice boards: advertise your services wherever possible, on flyers, leaflets, local supermarkets and the like.

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