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SPRING 2011 Volume 10, No. 2

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FEEDBACK Letters to the Editor Dear Editor,

In the fall/winter 2010 Bulletin, page 12, the article about Mudders working to improve things in a Kenyan village shows several good results of their project work. The article does not address what was done to assure maintenance and good operation of the solar- power and pump systems. My wife, Kay, and I worked with several humanitarian projects in Angola, Mozam- bique and South Africa in the period 2002 to 2006 under the auspices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and UNICEF. The humanitarian services people of the church have learned that the most important parts of the project are to:

1. Establish ownership among the members of groups receiving the project. 2. Leave one or more people trained and responsible for maintenance. 3. Establish a funding means to cover ongoing operation, repairs and maintenance, such as a reasonable fee for usage or consumption.

Before this learning was established and these changes put in place, most projects such as potable water wells lasted a year or two until something broke down. Then the equipment sat, broken and unusable.

Richard Silver ’62

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Back cover photo by Scott Rayermann ’13 During the first two weeks of January, Professors Jim Eckert (physics) and Jeff Groves (humanities, social sciences, and the arts) led a study tour to England in connection with their class, Literature 117: Dickens, Hardy and the Victorian Age. Students read the authors’ novels, which touch on various facets of the history of England in the 19th century. Seventeen Mudders spent one week in London visiting sites associated with Dickens, and then five days in Dorset visit- ing sites associated with Hardy. Parent Robin George P11 and Special Collections Librarian Carrie Marsh also sat in on the class and went on the study tour, as did Groves’s wife, Teresa Shaw. The students and faculty hosted a dinner with London-area alumni on the last evening of the tour. Group at right is shown at Maiden Castle near Dorchester, Dorset, the largest Iron Age hill fort in the UK.

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