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Mathematics is Focus of Two Grants CAMPUS CURRENT Faculty Activities

The Pomona Police Department uses fliers as its primary tool for communicating with potential Neighborhood Watch par- ticipants. Mashek’s study will test the relative effectiveness of a new flier, which will include language intended to appeal more directly to residents’ vested interests and sense of ability to effect positive change in their community. She will also gather infor- mation about residents’ perceptions of their neighborhoods and feelings of connection to the community. The ultimate goal of the project is to help the Police Department build community participation in Neighbor- hood Watch. “We

are looking for- Vatche Sahakian, physics

Physics and Philosophy A grant funded by the National Science Foundation allowed Vatche Sahakian, associate professor of physics, to share his work on non-local dynamics in physics and black hole physics in quantum gravity. He and colleague Julia Sushtytska, assistant professor of philosophy at University of Redlands, hosted lec- ture/discussions during February and March entitled “Physics at the Edge...of Philosophy.” In a series of five lectures, they discussed recent discoveries in cosmology, astrophysics, string theory, particle physics and quantum physics while reflecting upon the philosophical implications. To view the popular series, go to

Boosting Neighborhood Watch Participation Assistant Professor of Psychology Debra Mashek has been awarded a Faculty Fellowship from the Los Angeles-based Haynes Foundation to study strategies for motivating partici- pation in Neighborhood Watch programs in Pomona, Calif. Neighborhood Watch Programs engage residents in community building and crime-prevention activities. “We know from other research that community policing

programs, such as Neighborhood Watch, effectively reduce crime and build community. Pomona has a great program, but participation is low. Our goal is to change that,” said Mashek. “To create this change, we will employ and test the effectiveness of tools drawn from social psychology.”

ward to the results of this study to make better use of our time and efforts as we continuously strive to increase community par- ticipation,”

said Pomona

Police Department Cpl. Brian Hagerty. “The part- nership with Ms. Mashek and Harvey Mudd College is a collaborative effort that benefits

the community,

our Crime Prevention Unit and the city as a whole.”

“We know from other research that community policing programs, such as Neighborhood Watch, effectively reduce crime and build community.”

The John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation,

founded in 1926, is the oldest private foundation in Los Angeles and a leading supporter of social science research. John Ran- dolph Haynes was a prominent Philadelphia physician and his wife, Dora Haynes, was one of the founders of the Los Angeles and California chapters of the League of Women Voters. Debra Mashek’s award is part of the foundation’s Faculty Fellowship Program for faculty in the social sciences at colleges and univer- sities in Southern California.

Faculty News

Debra Mashek, psychology

SPRING 2011 Har vey Mudd College




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