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The importance of mental health

Helping students to understand more about mental health issues could provide them with a vital lifeline Pages 8 and 9

Pensions anger

Education unions this week raised the threat of national strike action as the Hutton Review signalled yet another attack that could further devalue public sector pensions Pages 4 and 6

Stretch yourself

The HTI secondments scheme offers the chance for leaders to work in industry for up to a year, learning vital skills and gaining invaluable CPD Page 13


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The struggle for human rights

Teachers across the world are often found at the centre of the struggle for human rights – either fighting against injustice themselves or standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the tens of thousands of people who are facing persecution and oppression. Teachers in the UK are lucky.

While there are many challenges we face, they pale into insignifi-

cance when you consider the plight of teachers from around the world – teachers who have been jailed for voicing their opinions or standing up for what they believe. Teachers who have and are being tortured. Teachers who are prisoners of con- science or have been forcibly disap- peared. Teachers who have been abducted and murdered. Teacher Johan Teterissa is

serving 15 years in Indonesia for leading a peaceful protest; teach- er Khabibulla Akpulatov from Uzbekistan is in jail for standing up for the rights of farmers; teacher Rabiha al-Qassab’s husband is in jail and a torture victim in Iraq; teacher Natalia Estemirova from Chechnya was abducted and killed in 2009. For those who live under per-

secution, the only hope is often the solidarity and support that they receive from their supporters. SecEd wholly supports the work

of Amnesty International and in this edition, we focus on the plight of these four teachers. And we can all help. We can

all show our solidarity and sup- port; we can all show those who persecute our colleagues around the

world that we are watching very closely. We can raise awareness among our students too by teach- ing about human rights. In doing this, teachers across the UK can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers across the world and play our part in helping to protect their rights as human beings.

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