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ast year, the Institution celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Institution of Naval Architects in 1860. At

IN THIS ISSUE 2011 Membership Fees the Annual

Dinner, the President highlighted some of the changes to the Institution which had occurred over that time. He asked whether those 19 members who founded the Institution in 1860 would recognise the Institution in 2010, and whether they would approve of the significant contribution which the Institution has made to that development of the naval architecture profession and the global maritime industry over the intervening 150 years. Whilst publishing the journals in the Chinese language

and its pages on Facebook may have confounded them, I am nonetheless sure they would be proud of the Institution they founded.

But what Institution will those members who joined in 2010 look back on when they

receive their 50 Year Certificates in 2060 and will they also be proud of the Institution? I hope they will recognise an Institution that continues to “promote and facilitate the exchange and discussion of technical and scientific information”

and “thereby

improve ship design”, just as it did in 1860 and 2010, through its publications and conferences. Such information and the means by which it is published will continue to reflect developments in both the maritime industry and information technology.


am sure it will be an Institution which continues to contribute to those development in the maritime industry, both collectively as an organisation and through the individual efforts of its members.

I hope they will recognise an Institution which continues to be a truly international

in all its activities, reflecting the global nature of the maritime industry. I hope they will look back on a continuing expansion in all its activities, whether it be in its membership, its Divisions, Branches and Sections, its events and its publications or its contribution to improving safety at sea and the protection of the maritime environment.

But most of all, I hope they will recognise an Institution which has continued to

recognise and respond to the professional needs of its members – those who are involved in the design, construction and maintenance of maritime vessels and structures – whether individuals or organisations.

It will be as self evident in 2060 as

it was in 1860 and 2010 that the Institution is its members and it is as much they as the maritime industry which shape the Institution. And how can today’s members help to shape the Institution of the future? There are many ways, including support of the Institution’s local activities, but I would highlight one key contribution which they can make and that is to increasing membership. I am certain that there are many members who know of others who are involved in the design, construction and maintenance of maritime vessels and structures, but who do not enjoy the benefits of membership which belonging to a leading and internationally respected professional institution brings. Just give me a name and an email address, and I will do the rest!

Chief Executive

Members are reminded that 2011 Membership and Registration Fees were due on 31 Jan 2011.

2011 Events programme The full 2011 Events programme is now published. 17 events will be held in Australia, Italy, India, Norway, Greece and UK.

Bookshop Bargains This month’s bargains are the Proceedings of the highly successful conferences on “Human Factors in Ship Design and Construction”, held in 2000, 2005, 2007 and 2009, available in printed or CDROM format.

New in the Bookshop

New publications include the Proceedings of the “International Conference on Systems Engineering in Ship and Offshore Design” and the “William Froud Conference – Developments in Theoretical & Applied Hydrodynamics”.

Travel Insurance Genesis Insurance can provide travel insurance to Members and families with no exclusion for age or and will cover individuals or existing health.

Civil Procedure Rules Certificate Bond Solon has developed a web learning with Lord Woolf and leading litigators to enable experts to evidence their understanding and compliance of this recent requirement. Members of the Institution will receive a discount on the cost of the Certificate.

Naval Architectural Heritage

UNESCO has selected the “Watertight- Bulkhead Technology of Chinese Junks” as an item of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

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