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Reviews (of both hardback and paperback fiction and non-fiction) are grouped for convenience into both age categories and under teaching range. Within each section, you will find reviews for younger children at the beginning. Books and children being varied and adaptable, we suggest that you look either side of your area. More detailed recommendations for use can often be found within the review.


Elizabeth Attenborough is the Manager of the Talk to Your Baby campaign at the National Literacy Trust. Gwynneth Bailey is a freelance education and children’s book consultant. Clive Barnes has retired from Southampton City where he was Principal Children’s Librarian, and is now a freelance researcher and writer. David Bennett was Senior Teacher and Head of an English Faculty in Nottinghamshire. He now works as an English consultant and supply teacher. Jill Bennett is the author of Learning to Read with Picture Books. She is currently heading up a nursery unit and also does freelance and consultancy work. Rebecca Butler writes and lectures on children’s literature. Valerie Coghlan is Librarian at the Church of Ireland College of Education, Dublin. Robert Dunbar is a commentator on children’s books and reading. Anne Faundez is a freelance education and children’s book consultant. Janet Fisher is a children’s literature consultant. Geoff Fox has now retired as Co-Editor (UK) of Children’s Literature in Education, but continues to work on the board and as an occasional teller of traditional tales. Dorne Fraser is Young People’s Reading and Learning Librarian for Norfolk Library and Information Service. Annabel Gibb lives in York and is a Learning Support Tutor. Caroline Heaton is a former Children’s and Schools Librarian. Jake Hope is a children’s librarian. He currently works for Lancashire co-ordinating their book of the year award. Ferelith Hordon has been a Children’s Librarian for over 30 years and works in Wandsworth. She is currently Chair Elect of the Youth Libraries Group and Chair of the 2011 Carnegie Greenaway judging panel. George Hunt is lecturer in Education at the University of Edinburgh. Jana Novotny Hunter is an author and editor. Rudolf Loewenstein is a Dominican friar based in a London parish. He also works full time in a primary school. Margaret Mallett is a researcher and writer on Primary School English and a member of the English 4–11 editorial team. Margaret Meek is Emeritus Reader at the University of London Institute of Education. Ted Percy has now retired to Kirkcudbrightshire after working as a children’s librarian in Lancashire, Ross & Cromarty, and North Buckinghamshire. Val Randall is Head of English and Literacy Co-ordinator at a Pupil Referral Unit in Blackburn, Lancashire. Andrea Reece worked for children’s publishers for 16 years and is now a freelance marketing consultant. Vincent Reid is a lecturer in developmental psychology at Durham University. Caroline Sanderson is a freelance writer, reviewer and editor. She is the author of Kiss Chase & Conkers, a book about traditional children’s games. Elizabeth Schlenther is Editor, English children’s books for, The Welsh Books Council’s website. Judith Sharman, former Primary Head Teacher, leads Well Tree Learning Ltd as consultant and presenter of ‘The Nurturing Way’. Rosemary Stones is Editor of Books for Keeps. Ruth Taylor has recently completed an MPhil in Children’s Literature from Cambridge University. Huw Thomas is Headteacher of Emmaus School, Sheffield. Nicholas Tucker is honorary senior lecturer in Cultural and Community Studies at Sussex University.

Almost True Angel

Animals at the Edge Bears on the Stairs Bit Lost, A

Boy Called M.O.U.S.E., A Busy Boats

Cabinet of Curiosities, The Candor

Cardturner, The Cherry Crush

Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3–11

Dancing in the Dark

Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die and The Deep of Fear

Dead, The Doctor Bonkers! Dustbin Cat FArTHER

Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight, The


RATING Unmissable HHHHH/ Very Good HHHH/ Good HHH/ Fair HH/ Poor H


Page Just Because

HHHH 33 HHHHH 27 HHH 21 HHH 21

HHHH 27 HHHH 21 HH 30

HHHH 30 HH 32


Children of the Lost, The HHHHH 32 HHHHH 20

HHHH 28 HHH 33

HH 28

HHHH 26 HHH 30


Eddie’s Toolbox: and How to Make and Mend Things HHHHH 23

Fetlocks Hall: The Ghostly Blinkers Fetlocks Hall: The Unicorn Princess Firebird

Flood and Fire Forest Born

Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: Ghostly Holler-Day

Genesis Green Eggs and Ham

Grow Your Own Monsters Heartless Robots, The Hudson Hates School I Shall Wear Midnight

I Want to Do It by Myself! I’m Number One! Instructions Iris and Isaac

It’s Called Dyslexia

HHHH 25 HHH 25 HHH 25


Fortunately, Unfortunately HHHHH 22 HHH 25

Ginger and the Mystery Visitor


HHHH 22 HHH 27 HHH 24 HHH 23

HHHH 31 HHH 22

HHHH 22 HHHH 23 HHHHH 21 HH 23

Lola and the Rent-a-Cat Look Out Leon! Loving Spirit

Mary’s Penny

Michael Rosen’s Big Book of Bad Things

Most Improper Magick, A Mourning Emporium, The Music

Ogre of Oglefort, The

Otto, the Autobiography of a Teddy Bear

Out and About in My Boots Passing Strange

Philippa Fisher and the Stone Fairy’s Promise

Put Out the Light Radleys, The

Shadow of the Ninja Sir Laughalot

Sticky Doll Trap, The Stories for a Fragile Planet

Storyteller: The Life of Roald Dahl


Taff in the WAAF Three by the Sea

Three Little Witches, The Tinysaurus Trash

Unhooking the Moon Wake Up! Wanted!

Wasim One-Star Wasim’s Challenge



Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop HHHH 25

HHH 23


HHHH 31 H 20


HHH 20 HHH 32

HHH 26 H 29


Routledge Companion to Children’s Literature, The HHHH 20

HHH 28 HHH 21 HHH 22 HHH 24

HHH 20 HHH 25

HHHHH 27 HHHH 23 HHH 25 HHH 21 HHH 28

HHHHH 29 HHH 21 HHH 26 HHH 24 HHH 24

What’s the Point of Being Green? HHH 31 Winnie in Space Wishful Thinking Witch Breed

HHHH 22 HHHH 30 HHH 30

Worse Things Happen at Sea! HHHH 26 Books for Keeps No.185 November 2010 19

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