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Northern California Golf Associations Opportunities for All

By Dianne Davis, PWGA President

The Pacifi c Women’s Golf Association appeals to golf- ers in many stages of their golf game. Our Association extends from Fresno to the Oregon border and com- prises eight areas. We offer “Girls Night

Out” events to those golfers who are new to the game and want to have fun and play in non-competitive events. We encourage emerging golfers to come out and play from three to nine holes or take part in a learning experience in conjunction with a PGA/ LPGA professional. Each of our eight areas

conduct playdays for com- petition at the local level. The fun events provide members an opportunity to play different courses both

within and outside of their local area. Members are awarded points for partici- pation in these events and winner circle medallions are awarded to golfers in each area at the end of the sea- son. All of our members can play in any of the more than 48 organized area playdays. Our highest level of

competition is provided in six major tournaments: Senior/Super Senior for those players from 55-80+, Spring Partners allowing players to pick their partner, Mixed Couples, Champion- ship (gross scores by fl ights), Team Play and our found- ers tournament—Helen Lengfeld. All of the events are fl ighted so you have the confi dence that you are playing with your peers.

Rules–Rules–Rules Gene Drennan, Sons in Retirement Inc. Chairman

I am often asked why we have to have all these rules. Why can’t we just go out and have fun? Kick the ball back in bounds after an errant tee shot. What sand? A simple fl ick of the wrist would take care of that. If we had no rules of

conduct in life, anarchy would reign supreme. When you think about it they should not call red lights stop lights, they should be called go lights. Think about everyone trying to get through the intersection at the same time with no red lights, massive gridlock!

72 / NCGA.ORG / SUMMER 2010 Rules were made for

the simple reason of put- ting everyone on the same page and making all people responsible for their own actions. In golf you can level the playing fi eld, so all ages can continue to compete, regardless of their age or playing ability. And no other sport puts its compet- itors in charge of overseeing the rules through the honor system. The beauty of golf

manifests itself through the rules and the integrity of the game will always show the true worth of each and

every player. I was thrilled to see a professional golfer on TV recently invoke a rule upon himself in a playoff, where one stroke could make a difference in his income. His gaffe was so miniscule that probably no one noticed it, but he did. After about six replays it showed that he barely touched a 1/8 inch piece of straw. He probably could have forgotten about it, but the rules said the penalty was proper for the violation, so he asked for a ruling and invoked the wrath of the penalty upon himself.

Our highly competitive

members can participate in other PWGA sponsored championship events such as the Nor-Cal Cup and the California Women’s Championship as well as the USGA qualifi ers in our area. All of the playing

opportunities are accom- plished by dedicated volun- teers. The executive board oversees 20 directors, more than 50 course raters and a rules committee of 10. We also rely on the dedica- tion of the club handicap chair and the PWGA representative at each of our member clubs. As I have said before, no

one knows how much you know until they know how much you care.

Fill Your Foursome Promotion

In August the Association

will kick off the

“Fill Your Foursome” membership initiative focusing on member referral. For every three new members an existing member brings to his/her club, that member

will earn a complimen- tary foursome at either Poppy Hills or Poppy Ridge.

The foursome must be played between November 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011 (complimentary week- end and holiday play after 12:00).

Start recruiting new golfers to enjoy the benefi ts of NCGA membership and experience championship golf for free at either Poppy Hills or Poppy Ridge. Contact the mem- bership department with any questions, 831/625-4653.

Wow, when in this day

and age of people in all walks of life, both public and private, are scurrying around trying to cover their own butts, with excuses aplenty, our player had the sense of what is right and called it. So when the rules apply,

honor them with the sense of integrity you would ask of your own children. Enjoy the game of golf to its full- est, and have a great day at the links.

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