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New GX engines (right) have virtually identical dimensions to their predecessors.

Powerful portfolio

EHN was invited to join dealers at a recent Honda (UK) demonstration day highlighting some of the manufacturer’s new product developments.

Honda (UK) continues to develop its line-up with a variety of new professional products with hire industry appeal. Planned for launch in December is the EG series of mid-range, heavy-duty open-framed generators incorporating a new digital automatic voltage regulator (D-AVR). This is designed to provide cleaner, more stable

The EG generators are designed to produce stable power.

power similar to that produced by inverter generators, appropriate for computers and sensitive electronic equipment. The D-AVR feeds back information more quickly concerning output levels, giving a smoother supply.

The EG3600, EG4500 and EG5500 offer respective outputs of 3.6, 4.5 and 5.5kVA, and fill a gap between Honda’s existing EC and EM ranges. They have centralised control panels with major items like the starting switch, choke, fuel valve and power outlets in one location.

The generators benefit from having power units from the updated range of Honda’s hugely successful GX engines. While designed to comply with the new EPA Phase III emission regulations, they also offer better fuel economy, increased power, reduced vibration and lower noise, with no difference in the footprint of the units, allowing interchangeability with existing GX models. Honda is also to shortly begin mass production of its iGX engine series, which have an electronic governor system regulating the throttle valve.

The UMR435T has an ergonomically shaped frame for operator comfort.


This keeps engine revs fixed under changing loads, making the units suitable for equipment like pressure washers.

Another new product displayed was the UMR435T four-stroke backpack brushcutter, a 35cc model targeted at landscapers, farmers and other professionals. Designed for low levels of emissions, noise and vibration, the engine’s decompressor is claimed to reduce the recoil loading on starting by approximately 60%.

The UMR435T can be fitted with a three-tooth metal blade or a nylon reel. Ease of use is enhanced, and operator fatigue reduced, by having an ergonomic frame shaped to suit the user’s back, and vibration is reduced by having the engine mounted on three coil springs to absorb energy. Honda has also developed a patented adjustable guard on the machine, so that during replacement of the cutter head, the securing bolts are retained and cannot be lost.

Other grounds care product developments include the new HRE330 and HRE370 electric rotary mowers, with cutting widths of 33 and 37cm respectively. A thermal cut-off switch prevents motor burnout if the blade should stop turning when the machine is overloaded.

During the event, Honda (UK) demonstrated other developments and technologies, including petrol-powered products adapted to run on butane gas canisters. The FV200 Pianta compact garden tiller, derived from the petrol FG201 model, can provide 35 minutes’ operation from one cylinder. The ‘enepo’ generator, based on the EU10i lightweight generator, uses two gas cartridges to provide 900watts of power for 1.1-2.2 hours, depending on usage. Both products have very low emission levels. Currently available in Japan, there are as yet no plans to launch them in the UK.

Honda is exploring the use of butane gas to power certain products.

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