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Avalue has digital signage solution
value introduces Digital Signage applied Mini- powered by Intel® Core™ 2 Due mobile processor.
ITX motherboards. The purposes of setting a Both of them come with built-in SODIMM sockets,
Digital Signage are varied, from tourist guiding, supporting 2GB~4GB DDR2 SDRAM. Avalue Digital
information providing, promotional advertising, to Signage motherboards integrate with Intel® GMA
interactive multimedia services. 3D graphics engines, and provide Full HD Video
Avalue has developed +12V DC input supported Playback Decoding capability, plus come with
Suzo launches
motherboards, focusing on large screens, high Realtek 5.1-channel audio streams, to deliver
definition effects, and multi-functional excellent graphics and sound effects. Besides,
manageability, and providing customers the best Avalue Digital Signage motherboards support multi
choice of Digital Signage systems. displays configurations, and compatible with various
Avalue’s fanless Digital Signage motherboard, types of display, such as VGA, DVI, LVDS, and
ACP-945GDS, is powered by Intel® Atom™ N270 HDMI, the maximum resolution is 2048 x 1536. It is
uzo Happ will be distributing the new Gaming low voltage processor, and the other with a smart suitable for large-scale video wall applications as
catalogue at this year’s IGE in London on fan control ability motherboard, ACP-GM45DS, is connecting with a video splitter.
stand number 4240 in Hall 1. The catalogue reflects
the strength-in-depth of the Suzo Happ product
range. The new Suzo Happ Gaming Catalogue has
grown by over sixty pages, covering over 220 pages
Latest range from Allstar
in total. The catalogue will be available in English
and German.
Among the many products on the stand, Suzo-
Happ is introducing a completely new lock after A
llstar has launched two 2” bulk vending items and two more flat
product lines.
various demands from the gaming industry called Due to the popularity of Allstar’s 2” Yoyo Mix, the company is now
the X-Lock. Various companies have been asking releasing a special 2” Flashing Puffer Ball Mix. Each Flashing Puffer Ball has
for a high quality lock at a very reasonable price. a smiley face and comes in six day-glow colors including: yellow, orange,
Suzo Happ has managed to answer market green, pink, purple and blue.
demands again with a reliable, solid lock that Classic Disney characters make a comeback in a new sticker series for 2”
incorporates a 10 pin high-security solution. The capsules. Fifteen round prismatic Mini Disney Stickers feature such favorites
keys are made from nickel-silver and are strong and as Mickey, Goofy, Pinnochio, Dumbo and Daffy Duck amongst others.
durable. All standard lengths are available from Wizards of Waverly Place Stickers are all the rage this winter. This Emmy
stock, also in switch lock option. Naturally, the X- Award-winning, live-action Disney Channel series centers on the Russo family
lock is available with its own unique key code. and stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin as wizards in
In addition, the Arcade III Changer now has its training who have to keep their secret safeBeautifully designed, the Wizards
own bigger brother! The Maxi III Changer includes of Waverly Place Sticker series contains twelve unique stickers with floral
the dedicated product features with a larger coin motifs in feminine colors and added glitter.
capacity. Customer can choose between a banknote Blasting off for boys this season are Allstar’s Ben 10 Tattoos. Ben 10 is a
reader and coin acceptor. Furthermore, the hit animation series that ran for four seasons on cartoon network. “Like
modularity of the coin pay-out design allows Marvel and Spiderman, Ben 10 is a great staple item for boys. We feel it’s a
customers to choose between the Suzo Happ Cube classic license and are excited to be offering it to operators,” says Shlien, VP.
or Evolution hoppers. The Maxi III Changer is built Each tattoo sheet contains up to four separate tattoos.
in a strong and sturdy steel cabinet and fitted with
an Assa Desmo lock. For more Suzo Happ products
see the February issue of Euroslot.
NASCAR Showdown at IAAPA
ay Tek showed a number of new games at the recent IAAPA show.
One of the new products debuted, NASCAR Showdown, a 4-player
interactive racing game was a crowd favorite.  Players are able to pick
their station, coin up, and race against three others or against the
game.  First car to get a set amount of laps around the track, wins.
NASCAR Showdown is loaded with many features.  From the dual
monitors that offer an animated announcer and NASCAR video footage,
to the camera and imaging process technology that allows accurate car
detection and control, Bay Tek proves to be taking the checkered flag
with this game.  
Another new product that was debuted at IAAPA was the quick coin
game, Jam Session.  Players release tokens down the neck of the guitar
into a spinning wheel. Successfully hitting a target awards tickets and
raises the wheel up to reveal bonus targets worth double tickets!
Players could win up to 1000 tickets when they hit a bonus target twice
before the wheel descends to its original position. 
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