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NSM boxes have X Factor
oe McElderry winner of this year’s UK X Factor contest is featuring on all
NSM on-line jukeboxes around the world as Euroslot goes to press.
The Miley Cyrus penned track “ The Climb” is tipped to be this year’s
Christmas number one and what better way to appreciate it than on the
spectacular 42 inch screen of NSM’s super jukebox, the Apollo?
According to NSM Sales Manager, Alex Kirby: “NSM has always prided itself on
the broadness of its music library. Whilst we are confident that X Factor is a great
way to become famous in the music industry, NSM is conscious of creating the
most appropriate medium for playing great tunes and the Apollo has the right
presentation : big screen, You Tube and a great choice of genres and
languages: from bhangra to Billy Joel to current hits from British, German, Polish,
French, Portuguese, Austrian, Swiss, Indian, Welsh, American, Australian and
Italian charts. We can’t wait until X Factor becomes a worldwide phenomenon, as
we have the language platforms as well as the sounds.“
With the Company promising a few surprises at the ATEI and EAG shows in
January 2010, NSM Music is expecting more “hits” in the coming decade..
Innovative enjoys IAAPA
K interactive family attractions specialist Innovative Leisure and the
company’s US based partners enjoyed a spectacularly successful
IAAPA Attractions Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, in mid-November.
A highlight of the show for Innovative Leisure was the chance to show
potential customers the new Sky Trail major high ropes courses which
the company now distributes for Ropes Courses, Inc. The model on
display, a fully operational Sky Trail Discovery, was in use throughout the
four days of the trade show and created much interest among buyers
and those trying it out.
“We had a tremendous response to all the products we were covering at
the show,” commented Innovative Leisure Managing Director Phil
Pickersgill. “Our more familiar attractions such as the climbing walls and
towers, including a new smaller wall for schools and mobile operators,
DigiWall and the Water Wars game again proved very popular with visitors,
while the latest addition to our wide range of interactive family attractions,
the Sky Trail major high ropes courses, also created lots of interest.
Several versions of the Sky Trail are available offering hourly capacities
of up to 500 people and one or two levels. Each model provides an
exciting, challenging, ‘dangerous-yet-safe’ experience for anyone 1.1m tall
and over and provides a series of testing elements for all skill levels
carried out in perfect safety with the use of a continuous belay system
on the course. Participants are also able to pass slower users at
intermediate platforms using a unique node connection system, thus
helping to maintain good throughput.
The major high ropes courses available from Innovative Leisure are
suitable for a wide variety of venues, including theme parks, zoos, safari
parks, holiday resorts, FECs and many more, and this latest addition brings
yet another popular attraction type to the Innovative Leisure stable.
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