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This year we have spent time and effort Betting integrity, especially in sports betting, is commitment of the Commission’s employees.
developing understanding of the interpretation and a subject of particular public interest and we The review indicated some areas that needed more
practical implications of the 2005 Act and making published proposals in March 2009 for attention and we accepted the recommendations.
sure that the gambling industry understands the strengthening the effectiveness of our approach, As indicated above, we are already working to
need to comply with the licensing objectives, while including plans for working more closely with improve engagement with our stakeholders by
at the same time we recognise the real challenges other agencies to improve detection and explaining better our objectives, processes and
faced by the industry from the world-wide enforcement. We therefore welcome the Minister thinking, and developing our approach to risk,
economic recession. Our compliance managers for Sport’s initiative to set up an expert panel, outcomes and data collection. We have made
have visited over 2,800 licence holders across including key people from the main organisations closer working relationships with local licensing
Britain, we have carried out a series of mystery involved, to work together to develop a authorities a priority.
shopping exercises on line and in betting shops and collaborative approach and a coordinated strategy. As part of our remit to provide advice to
we have handled over 17,000 calls to our enquiries Alongside this activity we have continued to government on issues relating to gambling, we
line including a number on house competitions. build a network of organisations that support our were asked by DCMS to carry out a review of
We have also been collecting and interpreting regulatory role. This includes developing a research, education and treatment. Following
data from all our licence holders through collaborative approach with, for example, other extensive consultation we reported back to the
regulatory returns. The data is needed to underpin regulatory bodies and the police as well as with Minister for Sport in October 2008. Our
our approach to risk as well as providing an local licensing authorities who license gambling recommendations were accepted and as a result
overview of the industry and operators’ premises and authorise other gambling facilities in we set up the Responsible Gambling Strategy
performance in relation to the three licensing their licensing areas. While we have made progress Board, an independent expert body chaired by
objectives. While the data collection was initially in furthering relationships with a wide range of Baroness Neuberger, in February 2009 to advise
slow and the quality of the information provided organisations, we recognise there is still a long on the research, education and treatment
uneven, we are working with the industry to make way to go, in particular with regard to licensing components of a national responsible gambling
the process more effective by providing a better authorities, who have an indispensable role to play strategy.
explanation of the rationale for the returns and the in securing the licensing objectives. Additionally, the Responsibility in Gambling
data they provide. Trust is transforming into a fundraising body and a
To further improve our understanding of the separate distribution body. We also developed
2005 Act we consulted with our key stakeholders
on topics such as primary purpose, house
Betting integrity, especially in
proposals, on which DCMS consulted, for the
implementation of a statutory levy, while at the
competitions and whether bingo machines are in
fact gaming machines.
sports betting, is a subject of
same time supporting the industry’s effort to
develop a voluntary funding system that would
With gradually improving data we have been
particular public interest
make a levy unnecessary.
able to focus our compliance and enforcement We also carried out a range of research projects
activity more in those areas where we can ourselves during the year, including some
maximise our impact based on what is, inevitably secondary analysis of the British Gambling
at this relatively early stage, a broad brush risk To ensure we identified and addressed any Prevalence Survey 2007. In particular we
analysis. For example, we concentrated our issues that might prevent early achievement of full responded to a request from the Minister of Sport
compliance efforts on assessment of the larger compliance with the Hampton and Macrory for advice on the risks associated with high stake,
gambling operators and, on the enforcement side, regulatory principles, we volunteered for an early high prize gaming machines. We proposed a
commenced a nationwide drive against the illegal Hampton implementation review. This took place staged approach to ensure that any research
supply of gaming machines, working closely with last September and confirmed that if our current commissioned by the new Strategy Board is of use
police and licensing authorities. plans are successfully implemented we should be for regulatory purposes and can be funded under
In addition we looked at areas where the law in a strong position to demonstrate the the new research, educationand treatment
appears to be poorly understood, for example, characteristics of better regulation. arrangements, and will be reporting on the first
betting in pubs – an illegal activity that, due to our The review team acknowledged the scale of the stage shortly.”
compliance work, has all but ceased in certain tasks confronting the Commission as a new Brian Pomeroy, Chairman and Jenny Williams
areas of the country. regulator, and were impressed by the skills and Chief Executive, The Gambling Commission
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