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European Commission president José Manuel Barroso has A sell-off of state-owned Holland Casino was debated in the
confirmed that Michel Barnier, France’s former agriculture Dutch parliament this week, but with observers believing that
minister, is to replace Irishman Charlie McCreevy as European Commissioner for outcome highly unlikely, the debate proved more interesting for its hints on how
the Internal Market and Services. the government may choose to regulate their gambling industry in the aftermath
Source: of the ECJ’s ‘Bwin Liga’ verdict.
An Italian advocate general is set to deliver an advisory opinion In a blow to Betfair and Ladbrokes’ dispute with the Netherlands
on the validity of Germany’s state gambling monopolies on government over their right to provide gambling services to
March 3, 2010, an opinion that will likely draw on last week’s oral proceedings Dutch citizens, Advocate General Bot of the European Court of Justice said today
which examined a total of seven cases referred to the ECJ from German courts. that Member States could grant a single operator the right to provide gambling
Source: services in the country and reaffirmed the State’s right to prohibit unlicensed
foreign operators from offering such services to its citizens. Source:
According to the latest research from Germany, approximately 2
million German adults currently participate in some form of SPAIN
online gambling, despite its prohibition under the State Treaty on Gaming. The head of Spain’s main charity lottery has cited the findings of
Source: this year’s ‘Schaldemose’ report in the European Parliament,
adding ONCE’s voice to calls for Spanish regulation of internet gaming, while
state-owned rival LAE faces the disquiet of lottery retailer groups in the country.
Ireland’s betting industry could afford a sigh of relief on
Wednesday after what had been described as the toughest
budget in living memory passed them by leaving betting duty fixed at 1 percent, SPAIN
but the sports on which betting depends were not so fortunate. Spain’s national authorities are drawing closer to unveiling a first
Source: draft online gambling law, but observers warn that further
progress will hinge on the attitudes of regional governments - some of which are
already forging their own path towards regulation.
The revelation that an Italian-owned bookmaker based in the UK
had links to organised crime is surprising if only for the SWEDEN
ambitious and far-reaching involvement of the local Mafia. Source: Last month the Swedish Presidency presented its Progress Report on the Legal Framework for Gambling and Betting in the
Following the break-up of a major mafia clan by police in the southern Puglia Member States of the European Union to the Competitiveness Council, a report
region of Italy earlier this month, the UK Gambling Commission has confirmed which falls very short of a factual, neutral representation of the reality of the
that the licence of online betting site Paradise Bet has been suspended while a modern European gambling industry and which completely overlooks several
review of the business is undertaken. Source: forms of gambling which currently take place EU-wide, according to Euromat.
Source: Euromat
The European Commission has given the green light for Italian SWEDEN
authorities to implement their new gambling laws - debuted With Europe’s online gambling sector awaiting a formal opinion
during the summer - that will allow online casino games, cash poker and VLTs. on the legality of Dutch gambling policy tomorrow, the ECJ has confirmed that Swedish rules on online gambling will be next in line for scrutiny
before Europe’s top court in the New Year.
Jersey has paved the way for the internet gambling industry to UNITED KINGDOM
come to its shores after finally approving a plan to establish a The UK’s bingo industry received its second boost within the
gambling commission on the island. space of 48 hours after Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced that it now accepted that all games of bingo should be VAT
A European Court advisor has affirmed that the potential risk of UNITED STATES
gambling addiction and fraud may justify tough restrictions on The leading Republican on the House Financial Services
cross-border gambling in the EU, but he applied pressure to Dutch betting Committee on Thursday blasted two federal agencies, claiming
monopoly De Lotto by suggesting that principles of transparency must still be they are cooperating with the committee chairman, Democrat Barney Frank of
applied in gambling licence tender processes. Massachusetts, in trying to repeal a US ban on internet gambling.
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