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Online Poker Revenue
Casino profits down
nline poker in November has come close to the record set in October. In the
past month Italians have played on the virtual green tables a total of
¤233.8ml against ¤234.3ml in October, a drop of 0.2%. Between January and
November – according to Agicos – revenues have broken through the ¤2bn A
s reported by the body representing the four Italian gaming
houses, these had revenues of ¤420.81ml in the eleven month
barrier to a record ¤2,063ml. period. As always, the Venice Casino is the market leader with a share
Several factors have come into play in the market in November. First of all, one of the total of ¤155.06ml. Second is the Campione Casino with
day less than in October and a series of breaks in service at Sogei have certainly revenues of ¤106.01ml for the eleven months. Third is the Saint
weighed on the final revenue figure. Agicos state that accounting for the reduced Vincent Casino whose share of the total revenue amounted to
number of days and without the technical problems revenues would have ¤87.57ml. Last was the Sanremo Casino: the gaming house of the city
probably shown a rise of 4%. of flowers which netted about ¤72.17ml in the first 11 months of 2009.
Among the autonomous dealers, the achievements of Microgame are worthy The November 2009 revenues were lower than in the previous
of note, with revenues of over ¤70ml, i.e. a rise of 4.7%. It is a close fight for month. The Italian gaming houses have recorded revenues of ¤36.43ml
second place between Gioco Digitale and PokerStars, separated by about in total during the first eleventh months of the year, i.e. 4% less than
¤300,000. Lottomatica, Snai and Eurobet are reasonably steady; but a drop for the figure of around ¤38ml recorded in 2008, and 0.8% less than in
Bwin (-11.7%) due to certain technical problems. October 2009, when total revenues amounted to ¤36.74ml.
Combining Gioco Digitale and Bwin, merged two months ago in the same Surpassing all others in November once again is the Venice Casino
group, accounts for a network value of ¤48.8ml. Sisal is doing well recording a with revenues of ¤14.12ml, a rise of 0.5% in comparison with
rise of 4.2%, due to a strong marketing campaign. October (¤14.04ml), but a reduction of 12.3% when compared with
Leonardo Service Provider, Cogetech and PartyPoker are also doing extremely November 2008 when revenues hit ¤16.1ml. In second place is the
well, with the latter nearly doubling its revenues compared to last month (the Campione d’Italia Casino with revenues of ¤8.91ml in November
Intralot revenues are also included in the data). 2009: a drop of 13.5% when compared to October (¤10.3ml) and a
During November, nearly one bet in three has gone through the Microgame reduction of 2% in comparison with November 2008 (¤9.1ml).
network. Another third of the market has been shared between Gioco Digitale The Casino de la Vallèe (St. Vincent) recorded total revenues of
and PokerStars. Adding Lottomatica to these 3 operators, these four providers about ¤8ml in November 2009, a notable rise of 19% over October
account for over two thirds of the market. when revenues were ¤6.7ml. The comparison with 2008 is also
In respect to the January to November 2009 period, Microgame confirms its encouraging: in November this year the Casino de la Vallèe took
no. 1 position in the annual online poker market with revenues of ¤547ml and a 6.5% more than the ¤7.5ml recorded last year. Lastly, Sanremo had
market share of 26.5%. Gioco Digitale is also doing very well with revenues of revenues of ¤5.4ml, exactly the same as in November 2008.
¤495ml. Microgame and Gioco Digitale on their own account for over half the Measured against October 2009 (¤5.7ml), it should be noted that
entire 2009 market. the gaming house has limited the fall to about 5.3%.
Slot machines remain the favourites with Italian gaming house
clients. With total revenues of about ¤22ml, slot machines account
Online usage data
for more of the revenues than any other item (61% of the total). The
Venice Casino claims the highest revenues (¤9.5ml), followed by
¤5.7ml in Campione d’Italia. In third place comes the Casino de la
Vallèe with ¤3.5ml, and in fourth place is Sanremo with ¤3.3ml in
udiweb, the company responsible for gathering and distributing data on gross total revenues.
online audiences, has published data relating to the month of October 2009. As for other table games, French Roulette led the way in
It has reported 31.5ml users with internet access and 22.2ml active users Campione and in La Vallèe in November with revenues of ¤1.02ml
during October 2009, 10.9ml active users connected for 1h 31 minutes on and ¤1.06ml respectively. On the other hand in Venice, revenues are
average per day, with 158 pages displayed on average per person per day. growing for Fairoulette with revenues of over ¤2.1ml. Encouraging
data too for French Roulette in Sanremo which reported revenues of
nearly ¤700,000.
The destination preferred by players in November continues to be
Mixed Gaming results
the Venice Casino with 86,210 visitors, followed by Campione
d’Italia with 52,437. In third place the Saint Vincent Casino with over
44,000 visitors and last Sanremo with 43,188.
ccording to data published in the State Gazette, total revenues related to
gaming in the January-September 2009 period (including various levies
classified as direct and indirect taxes) amounted to ¤9,779ml (an increase of
¤639ml, equal to +7.4%). Among these, revenues from lotto were ¤4,686ml (a
decrease of ¤230m, equal to –4.7%), those from instant lotteries ¤1,377ml (a
decrease of ¤56m, equal to –3.9%) and those from gaming machines ¤2,311ml
(an increase of ¤286m, equal to +14.1%).
Taxes on gaming amounted altogether to ¤5.687ml (an increase of ¤810ml,
equal to +16.6%).
Data for the period January to October show a reduction of 2.0% in revenues
from taxes on capital and income and a decline of 8.4% on taxes and levies on
On the other hand taxes on production, consumption and customs &
monopolies and gaming show a rise instead in revenues of 4.4% and 4.9%
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