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Five new staff for Bay Tek Alfastreet chooses Innocore
ay Tek announces the addition of five new staff. Continuing to
focus on Product Development, Gaetan Philippon joins as Bay S
lovenia based multi-player specialist manufacturer Alfastreet gaming
instruments (Pockaj d.o.o.)   will use the popular DPX® -E105 platform in
Tek’s new Director of Product Development. Gaetan will manage their new range of multiplayers.
both development teams, while working closely with CEO, Larry Koen Stomph, Sales Director at Innocore commented “We are very pleased
Treankler. with this latest win which represents another great reference for some of our key
Bay Tek’s newest hire also joins the product development team; selling points; reliability, know-how of the gaming industry and a pro-active
Eric Schadrie starts this month as a graphic designer. Joining the approach to customer service. The DPX-E105 offers Alfastreet a reliable fan-less
dynamic Sales and Marketing team is Jenna Woepse as Bay Tek’s solution, backed by a 5-year availability guarantee, including a comprehensive
new Marketing Communication Specialist. Jenna is a recent UW- range of gaming I/O & security, all at a very attractive price. We are really looking
Green Bay graduate with a degree in Public Communication. forward to be working with such a key player as Alfastreet and we are fully ready
Continuous Improvement is not a new concept at Bay Tek, for and committed to build a successful partnership over the coming years…”
several years now it has focused on this, both on the production Boštjan Guštin, Chief Development Officer of Alfastreet, said: “we have looked
floor and in the supporting departments. To help guide Bay Tek to at various solutions in the market but found Innocore’s offering by far to be the
its vision of being the best in the world at developing and most attractive when looking at price/performance ratio. The complete system
manufacturing coin-operated games, Bay Tek welcomes two offering from Innocore represents a compelling example of ‘Total Lower Cost of
Continuous Improvement Engineers, Dennis Oshefsky and Pat Ownership’ to Alfastreet; providing us with a significant saving. Innocore’s
Scanlon. Both new hires bring aptitude and experience in the excellent reputation gives us a feeling of security and confidence that is
manufacturing realm. absolutely necessary when entering a co-operative deal of this importance.“
New threat to Polish AWPs
new Polish Gaming Law has been proposed that would decimate
the AWP sector, if allowed to go through as planned this month.
Under the new legislation, all licenses for slot arcades and low-
wager betting machines outside casinos will be phased out. Within
the next six years, approximately 250 slot arcades, operating
approx. 10,000 slot machines, as well as all low denomination slot
machines will disappear from the market due to the expiration of the
underlying licenses. The operation of slot machines  will be permitted
in casinos only (up to 70 slot machines per casino).
The new law also introduces strict new six-year state licenses for
casinos, higher gaming taxes (50% instead of currently 45%) as
well as higher fees for the gaming sector. Except for duly organized
poker tournaments, poker cash games will be prohibited.
With regard to the legislation process and content of the new law,
Poland’s constitutional court is now to rule whether the newly
adopted law is “in line with the constitution”. Therefore, future
amendments or a suspension of the new law are considered to be
theoretically possible.
Do you have the X Factor?
o you fancy enjoying a unique and interactive experience? Do you think you have the X-
Factor? Photo-Me International plc, the world leading photo-booth manufacturer, and
FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME), the licensor for hit entertainment programme The X Factor,
have joined forces to develop an exciting new concept: the first X Factor karaoke vending machine.
This innovative booth invites you to unleash your inner super star and relive all your favourite
moments from the show. Choose from 100s of songs to perform live inside The X Factor machine,
alone or with friends. The video is then burnt onto a DVD that the performer can take home and
enjoy time and again.
Francois De Freitas, Head of Marketing at Photo-Me said, “This is a very exciting time for us and
we are very pleased to be working with FME on such an innovative product. We strongly believe
that the UK public will welcome this new concept and enjoy a unique experience!”
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