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Summer 1
May 2009
The only magazine for all UK primary school headteachers
How long does it take
to train a teacher?
In response to the
interim Rose report,
the Cambridge Primary
How long does it take?
Review have published their
Four years of dedicated
response. HU takes a bite-
sized look at it.
training, one year of
intense immersion or
Around 20% of
primary schools
in England have a school
six months if you’re
business manager and the
changing career? The
support needed varies from
goalposts are moving
school to school. Here two
heads talk about what
again. The BEd might support works best for
be scrapped and six
months could be an
Sophisticated brain
scanning techniques
option. Where do you
are revealing the differences
between how the sexes
process information. Mary
Salmon investigates how
this is being applied to
he DCSF’s announcement teaching boys and girls
that career changers with differently.
graduate qualifications
might be inducted into teach- 22
Growing your
own vegetables is
ing in six months has caused becoming more popular.
understandable controversy. Steve Mynard offers
Men tioned on practical advice on making
uk, the announcement is sand- it happen and how it can
wiched between an update about improve schools’ green
the Masters in Teaching and credentials.
Learning course and the future
Ready for the challenge?
leaders programme. ‘The reality is that our best This is a list of attributes that 24
Special Feature –
Learning Outside
The detail around this proposed teachers and headteachers are might be difficult to develop in a the Classroom Getting
fast-track route is not yet avail- life-long learners. The notion six-month period. outside the classroom is
able. We are told it will be devel- that preparation for a successful Jeremy Bird, headteacher of a vital part of childrens’
oped in discussion with ‘our social teaching career can be “acceler- Greswold Primary School in Soli- development. HU looks at
partners and Transition to Teach- ated” is deeply flawed,’ says Ali- hull, speculates on the increasing what’s been happening,
ing’ as an option alongside the son Peacock, headteacher of the demands of the job. ‘There is a including the recent Ofsted
one-year PGCE and the Graduate Wroxham School, Hertfordshire. danger of rushing students so they report and the newly
Teacher Programme. The com- Having recently led her school don’t have a genuine understand- launched Quality Mark
mitment is there – the government through Ofsted with a resounding ing of child development and how Scheme. Jo Skone explains
intends to start the scheme over outstanding judgement, she knows this can be applied in school. With the many different ways
the course of the next year. what she’s talking about. school leaders now empowered that forest school has
But can individuals with no Perhaps some people still per- even more with creating the very benefited the early years
experience of school, other than ceive teaching as an easy option, best learning environment, we children in her central
from their own childhood, be but as she points out, ‘The job of need a staff team that can have an London school.
trained in six months? Headteach- working with our young people is informed discussion.’
er Update asked a selection of becoming increasingly challeng-
professionals and would-be pro- ing and requires excellent subject
fessionals how long it takes to knowledge, creativity, high inter-
become a teacher. personal skills, passion and flair.’ B
ut will it downgrade or
2–4 News
upgrade the profession?
6,8 Products
Bird does point out that
10 Resources
it is good to have a high level
20–21 Directory
of interest from a variety of sec-
What do you think? Join our debate with your view on how
29 Books: Teachers
tors. And a flood of ex-business
long it takes to train a teacher.
30 Books: Children
boffins might just enlighten some
31 Primary Resources
We would like to hear from you.
sections of the community as to
32 Diary of a Head
the actual difficulties of the job.
However, if we say it can be done
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