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Product News
Alterface Playgrounds Fun & Easy
There is something new in the world of Dark Rides...Interactivity!
Alterface's new solution can be implemented on new or existing
cart-based Dark Rides or even for pedestrians. The goal is to Juice up
Dark Rides!
Renowned for their Interactive Theaters like Deperados, Pirate's Plunder
and Sea Safari, the specialists in interactivity open new opportunities
for more and more demanding indoor attractions.Alterface's new, flexible,
quick and exclusive technology brings intelligent interactivity into the world of
Dark Rides, should they be brand new projects or already existing, in an
attractions park or a family entertainment center. This revolution is based on
two major developments by Alterface: a new wireless portable module and the
video detection of the targets. Cart-based (by any manufacturer) or for
pedestrians, this system opens a new era for set designing and amusement.
Any element of the decor can become a target, earning points
and/or triggering SFX.
Do you have some young thrill seekers on your hands? Hold on to your
socks as you fly down one of SkyBuilders™ signature slides, reaching
heights of more than 17 feet! Don’t worry, the same safety standards
you’ve grown to know and trust apply to this slide too, shhhh don’t tell
the kids!
Little Tikes Commercial is leading the industry in offering quality, value,
green solutions and exceptional service.
Visit today to find out how you next
playground project can be Fun & Easy!
Little Tikes Commercial
The FlowRider® is a self contained ride that generates a thin sheet water that flows at 20
mph over a sculpted stationary wave. This attraction allows riders to surf a 'wave-like' shape
which permits riders to ride up, carve turns and ride down the wave face emulating
maneuvers of other board sports.
Designed for all ages, this skill-based attraction allows riders to continuously better
themselves in the never-ending cycle to surpass their last goal.
The FlowRider® is available in three sizes that fit comfortably in a variety of venues
including indoor and outdoor waterparks, resorts and municipalities.
Whitewater West Industries Ltd.
+ 1 (604) 273-1068
Zebec, Inc
Zebec is a worldwide manufacturer of waterpark products specializing in Waterpark Tubes, Rafts & Foam
Slide Mats with products used at over 1000 parks in more than 70 countries. Most products are
manufactured at Zebec’s new 12 acre, 65,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Ohio.
In addition to standard tubes, Zebec offers special Heavy-Duty Model Waterpark Tubes manufactured in USA
with stronger materials and hot air welded/overlapped seams. Zebec’s new Heavy-Duty Cloverleaf Tube uses
this same strong construction and lasts much longer than standard cloverleaf tubes.
Zebec provides a wide range of products including Waterpark Tubes, Foam Slide Mats, Waterpark Rafts,
Heavy-Duty (HT) Waterpark Tubes; Heavy-Duty Cloverleaf Tubes, Water Trampolines; Bumper Boat Tubes;
Floatation Collars; Rapid River Rafts; Uphill Rafts; Diamond Rafts; Conveyor Covers; Inflatable Barriers;
Impact, Transition and Pool Side Padding; Lily Pad Walk Floats and Overhead Nets; All types of Rope &
Netting; and the only Heavy-Duty Tubes & Rafts designed specifically for the Sidewinder Ride.
To advertise your new products in this section please email
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